Why we have Pre-Order Conditions

Why we have Pre-Order Conditions

There are a number of reasons.

The most significant are ...

  • * We do a lot of pre-orders
  • * We mostly do not sell 'normal retail items'
  • * Not 'set' guaranteed release dates
  • * Release dates are different to 'normal retail'

* Much of what we do is 'pre-order' the scope for people to want to ask for an 'order status' is HUGE. it can take 5 minutes to look up an order and then respond. And the answer would be 'we don't know'. 

Our Release Dates Vs 'Retail'

The difference is a 'normal retail' release date is the date that title will be in the shops. The releases we (mainly) sell are different. It is when the manufacturer makes it available to be sent to us. And VERY often these dates are not exact, there can be delays.

Release/Availability/Time to travel to us

From there the time it takes to arrive to us can vary a lot and the arrival date is unknown. Then there is the time taken to (properly) pack and send the orders. And often we receive more than 1 new title in at the same time so we can literally be swamped with 100's of orders and we will have a lot of packing work to do.

We take time to pack items properly too!!

Don't forget also that we pack items well so they arrive undamaged you don't want us rushing the packing!!! You want this and not a 'fresh fish special' effort.

More Read about the five (5) release stages in detail

When a product is not in stock the only way for us to still take orders is to make it a 'Pre-Order'.

There are three (3) versions of 'pre-order'.

Your order 'invoice/receipt' will have one of the three noted underneath the pre-ordered title. This is also displayed on the actual product page in the shop.

You can look at the product page at any time if you don't have your invoice/receipt.

You clicked a 'Pre-order' button when you ordered and NOT an 'add to cart' button.


* So for all NEW releases. (Pre-Order | New Release).

* Back catalogue FTD titles that were 'Pre-Order | With next FTD Release' when you ordered. These are  supplied to us along with the next NEW FTD release.

* All other titles that are released but they were a 'Pre-Order | Out Of Stock' when you ordered.

* For recent orders where all items were 'in Stock' (blue 'Add to Cart' button) at the time of ordering.

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