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Not receiving a reply from us?

Have you checked your junk mail/spam folder? Good emails go to junk mail sometimes. As long as you have given us time to reply this is almost certainly where our reply is if it is not in your in box. For non-urgent enquires (most are) it can take 5-7 days on rare occasions for us to respond.

Which Products are In Stock?

Add To Cart

Add To Cart = In Stock | If the product has an 'Add To Cart' button then it is in stock (at least 1 copy).

Sold Out Explained

Sold Out

'Sold Out' can mean one of two things.

  1. Sold out and we can't get more
  2. Sold out but we can get more.

Once a product is Sold Out and no longer available it is moved to the 'Deleted' category.

Sometimes we leave it visible for a while if we know people will be looking for it.

Where we believe we will get more it is left in the shop as normal until we are able to again take orders. Where FTD or other suppliers are out of stock.

How much does Postage Cost?

Simply add any item to the shopping cart, then view the shopping cart page and enter your address.

With DVDs work in my Country?

Most of our DVDs will play in all countries. Where there is an exception there will be a message where you will need to click a box to acknowledge the message.

You will find on every DVD product page the format the DVD is in, 'PAL', 'NTSC', or 'PAL/NTSC' when both are available. Also the 'Region Code' if any.

DVDs that will play in all countries have both these symbols ...

PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) 

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