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  • Will your DVDs work in my Country?
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* Pre-order conditions

These are explained on the 'Release Status' Page.

* There are three (3) versions of 'pre-order'.

  • Pre-Order | New Release
  • Pre-Order | With next FTD Release
  • Pre-Order | Out Of Stock

These are explained on the 'Release Status' Page.

* Which Products are In Stock?

Add To Cart

Add To Cart = In Stock | If the product has an 'Add To Cart' button then it is in stock (at least 1 copy).

* Sold Out Explained

Sold Out

'Sold Out' can mean one of two things.

  1. Sold out and we can't get more
  2. Sold out but we can get more.

Once a product is Sold Out and no longer available it is moved to the 'Deleted' category.

Sometimes we leave it visible for a while if we know people will be looking for it.

Where we believe we will get more it is left in the shop as normal until we are able to again take orders. Where FTD or other suppliers are out of stock.

* When we send Orders containing 'Pre-Order' Items

Orders containing products marked 'pre-order' are not sent until all items are available except if you were to place a new order and we were sending that, if there are any items in other orders that we have in stock we would send those at the same time.

* When do you send orders for 'In stock' items?

As soon as we can, however, we are limited by certain restraints. We do not send every day nor even necessarily every week. Orders need to be processed in batches for electronic lodging of data to couriers which is far too time-consuming to do for just 1 order.

We choose DHL Global Mail over the postal service as ultimately it is FAR quicker and more reliable. So while we could send your order the same day via the postal service, you are better off if we don't!

Almost all small packages are sent via this service.
Then depending on the weight and also the country of destination we need to send via ECI/EMS Courier which is usually 10-14 days to most destinations once sent.

* How Much will Postage Cost?

Simply add any item to the shopping cart, then view the shopping cart page and enter your address.

* Will your DVDs work in my Country

Most of our DVDs will play in all countries. Where there is an exception there will be a message where you will need to click a box to acknowledge the message.

You will find on every DVD product page the format the DVD is in, 'PAL', 'NTSC', or 'PAL/NTSC' when both are available. Also the 'Region Code' if any.

DVDs that will play in all countries have both these symbols ...

PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) 

* What is a Ticket?

A Ticket is just a name for the contact you make with us that is tracked and recorded in an online system. You create one by simply submitting a message via the Contact Us Page.

* Problems Logging In?

Login Here

There is a 'Sign In or Register' (It is 'Account' on mobile devices) link at the top right of every web page. If you have a problem with the password, the best way is to click the 'Reset Password' link as this covers any chance you have forgotten it.

* Why we have 'pre-order conditions'

There are a number of reasons.

The most significant are ...

  • We do a lot of pre-orders
  • We mostly do not sell 'normal retail items'
  • Most Releases do not have 'set' guaranteed release dates
  • Our release dates are different to 'normal retail' release dates

* Because so much of what we do is 'pre-order' the scope for people to want to ask for an 'order status' is HUGE. We usually have a large number of different products on pre-order at any one-time and hundreds of individual orders.

* Most items we sell are not 'normal retail' items (Nor are they available in 'retail shops').

The difference is a 'normal retail' release date is the date that title will be in the shops.

The releases we (mainly) sell are different in many ways and in particular here the release date is when the manufacturer makes it available to be sent to us. And VERY often these dates are not exact, there can be delays.

From there the time it takes to arrive to us can vary from a few days to two weeks. Then there is the time taken to (properly) pack and send the orders. And often we receive more than 1 new title in at the same time so we can literally be swamped with a lot of packing work.

How the 'Release Status' page works ...

The page is designed so you can see when an item has been both released (note the word 'both') and on the way to us, (for this event we show an 'amber light'), and then finally 'amber' is changed to a 'green light' once all orders have 'left the building'. (The last is so if you see that the title you ordered has a 'green light', and you have not received an email notice your order has been sent you then know you can contact us to check on it). To begin with, all titles have a 'red-light' while not released. We don't comment on when we receive a pre-ordered title as the time it takes to send orders out can vary a lot depending on several factors, one being how many orders there are and also how many new titles may have arrived in us around the same time at busy release times of the year.

We take time to pack items properly too!!

Don't forget also that we pack items well so they arrive undamaged you don't want us rushing the packing!!! You want this and not a 'fresh fish special' effort.

 Go to the 'Release Status' Page

NOT Released. Red means the item is not released.

 Released. Amber means the title has been released and our order is on the way to usWith date.

All orders sent out. Green means has been released and we have posted out ALL orders.

  • If you pre-ordered the item would have had 'pre-order' and NOT 'add to cart'. It would also show as 'conditions of pre-order' under the title on the invoice emailed to you.
  • If you order other items with a pre-ordered item we send all together once the pre-ordered item is available.

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