Pre-Order Conditions


It is a condition of pre-order that when ordering items marked 'pre-order' you accept that we can only keep you updated as to the 'order status' via the methods outlined on this page. This is due to the complexity of ordering these titles as they are (mostly) NOT easy to obtain normal retail items. If you look at your invoice you will see under the title which 'Pre-Order' status applies. If you do not have your invoice you can look at the product webpage for the title and it is marked above the add to cart/quantity - as per image below.

When you order a 'Pre-order' item the button says 'pre-order' (as below) and NOT 'add to cart'.

The detailed status is listed on the actual product page when you order - as per image below.

icon-more-info.png Why we have pre-order conditions



The products we sell are (mostly) NOT easy to obtain normal retail items.

? Order Status | 3 Versions

Following are the three (3) versions of pre-order 'Order Status'.

* So for all NEW releases. (Pre-Order | New Release).

* Back catalogue FTD titles that were 'Pre-Order | With next FTD Release' when you ordered. These are  supplied to us along with the next NEW FTD release.

* For recent orders where all items were 'in Stock' (blue 'Add to Cart' button) at the time of ordering.

Due to the complexity of ordering the products we sell, we do NOT provide an order Status update for pre-order items marked 'Pre-Order | Out Of Stock' - as it is far too involved to be accurate. The products we sell are (mostly) NOT easy to obtain normal retail items.

Add To Cart

How the Release Page Works

We list 3 main stages of release. We cannot know nor tell you more than this.

NOT Released. Red means the item is not released.
 Released. Released and our order is on the way to us. (Note the 'and').
All orders sent out. Released and we have posted out ALL orders. (Note the 'and'). Once ALL pre-orders for ALL customers are sent out.

A More Detailed Explanation

1NOT Released. Red means the item is not released.

All release dates are subject to change, and often do. The products we sell are (mostly) NOT easy to obtain normal retail items. Our policy is NOT to guess.

2 Released. Released and our order is on the way to us. (Note the 'and').

3We receive our order.

We unpack and begin to send orders.

There is NO update to say when this occurs. Because too many think they know how long 'their' order should take to be packed and sent. We will usually receive multiple new titles at one time and have hundreds of orders to be (very carefully) packed and posted.

4We send your order.

Email Notifications

Once we send an order there are three (3) email notices sent to you. Two directly from the shop and the third being a link to a tracking page.

Notification emails come from NOREPLY@tcb.elvispresleyofficialfanclub.com and noreply@shipstation.com and noreply@elvispresleyshop.com

As always with such emails, you need to be aware they can go to the junk mail/spam folder.

5All orders sent out. All orders have posted out.

We do this so if you see this status All orders sent out. and you have not been informed that your order has been sent (please check junk mail) you can then contact us.

Orders containing products marked 'pre-order' are not sent until all items are available except if you were to place a new order and we were sending that, if there are any items in other orders that we have in stock we would send those at the same time.

Box Read about why and when/how we send orders