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Last updated November 19

* Pre-order conditions

When ordering items marked 'pre-order' you accept that we can only keep you updated as to the 'order status' via the methods noted on this page. This is due to the complexity of ordering these titles as they are (mostly) NOT easy to obtain normal retail items.

If you have checked this Release Page and need to contact us please proceed to contact us using the 'Order Status' or other relevant option.

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  • Pre-Order = Not In Stock
  • Add To Cart = In Stock.

There are three (3) versions of 'pre-order'.

  • Pre-Order | New Release
  • Pre-Order | With next FTD Release
  • Pre-Order | Out Of Stock

Each is marked on the actual product page. The 3 versions of 'Pre-order are explained below.

* When we send Orders

Orders containing products marked 'pre-order' are not sent until all items are available except if you were to place a new order and we were sending that, if there are any items in other orders that we have in stock we would send those at the same time.

The three Release Stages ...

NOT Released. Red means the item is not released.

 Released. Released and our order is on the way to us.

All orders sent out. Released and we have posted out ALL orders.

If a title is GREEN and you have not received notice your order has been sent you can Contact Us.

Pre-Order | With next FTD Release

All 'out of stock' Follow That Dream (FTD) titles are available again only with the next new FTD Release.

Pre-Order | With next FTD Release for these you need to follow the status of the 'Next FTD release' below which will effectively provide a progress update for you.

If a product cannot be supplied to us by FTD as expected, once known, we will send all other items and follow with the balance of your order when we have it.

November 19 (Next FTD Release)

 Released.  The Something For Everybody Sessions
 Released.  Easy Come Easy Go FTD Vinyl LP

Pre-Order | Out Of Stock

Pre-Order | Out Of Stock | Due to the complexity of ordering some products we do NOT add all products as it is far too involved to be accurate. 

You can monitor the status of the product in the shop and if you were to see that it has changed to 'In Stock' and you have not been notified that your order has been sent you can then contact us.


We can usually get items in quickly but 'quickly can mean 6-weeks. If the DATE of your order is 2 months OLD you can ask and we can discuss sending or amending your order. Note the following ...

Orders containing products marked 'pre-order' are not sent until all items are available except if you were to place a new order and we were sending that, if there are any items in other orders that we have in stock we would send those at the same time.

Pre-Order | New Release

Pre-Order | New Release If you see that a title is listed on this 'Release Status' page with the 'Green' icon and you have not received notice your order has been sent, you can then ask. But not if we only list the product as 'In stock'. We need to have it in stock to be able send orders (and this can take more time than you think).

The following is for 'Pre-Order | New Release' products.

2nd Order | November 19

 Released.  That's The Way It Is | 50th Anniversary

November 7

 Released. Get Back DVD
 Released. Roustabout At The Fair CD
 Released. To Good To Be True CD
 Released. The Soundboard Series Volume 1 LP + CD
 Released. Elvis Rocks The Hilton 3 CD
 Released. With Renewed Vigour

September | October 9

 Released. That's Someone You Never Forget CD
 Released. The Complete 1956 Nashville Sessions CD
 Released. Elvis: California Holiday CD
 Released. Toledo: Saturday Night
 Released. Elvis At 42 : Still Dazzles Fans CDs
 Released. A Vegas Treat
 Released. Elvis Presley Sings Leiber & Stoller CD

November 20

 Released.  From Elvis In Nashville CD Set
 Released.  From Elvis In Nashville Vinyl


NOT Released. Atlanta Weekend '76 3 CD Set

Early 2021 (TBC)

NOT Released. On The Road With Elvis (Bruce Jackson)

September 15 | October 2

All orders sent out. Summer Festival Volume 4 & 5 Book Set
All orders sent out. A Whole Lotta Power Going On 2 CD set
All orders sent out. Summer Vacation Special by special request' CD
All orders sent out. Stage Highlights & Rarities 4,5, 6 CDs
All orders sent out. Work In Progress: The Companion Album 2 LP
All orders sent out. There' A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Vinyl

August | October

All orders sent out. Elvis: And I Love You So DVD set