When we send orders

When we send orders

* When we send Orders containing 'Pre-Order' Items

Orders containing products marked 'pre-order' are not sent until all items are available.


  • If you were to place a new order and we were sending that, if there are any items in other orders that we have in stock we would send those at the same time.

* When we send orders for 'In stock' items

It is obviously important to get customer orders delivered as fast as possible!

While when we actually pack and then send is an obvious starting point in terms of importance it is NOT the most important.

Finding/researching, then negotiating with the best overall carrier, cost versus performance is the critical important aspect.

It is for this reason we have teamed up with DHL Global Mail for the majority of the parcels we send.

But as with most things there are pros and cons. The pros are easy, we have negotiated a good cost (comparatively) and the speed of delivery is excellent.

We do not send parcels every day. Normally we send at least once per week, sometimes more often, but occasionally it can go over a week depending on things.



We use DHL Global Mail (DHL e-commerce) and sometimes ECI/EMS Courier (A Postal Service courier). Both are currently about the same speed in delivery.

For this we need to have a minimum pick up weight (currently since covid). So this restricts us somewhat.

We have to use the ECI/EMS Courier at certain weights as DHL Global Mail is currently VERY costly!

The benefit of this is that both methods are FAST, whereas the postal service can take 8 weeks or more currently!

Sometimes the ECI/EMS Courier can see extended delays while the wait for cargo space on the limited number or airplanes flying.

DHL Global Mail currently delivers to the United States in around 10 days, (It was 5 days pre pandemic). (Delivery time to other destinations varies but it is still substantially quicker than the post). Whereas the Postal Service is currently about 8 weeks to the United States. So we do this in everyone's interests.

DHL Global mail transports parcels to the destination country fast and then hands them over to the local postal service. or local courier. DHL is fast to the destination country but then depends on local mail volume levels as to if they are delays.

Pre-orders can mean we are busy

Also we can at anytime literally have hundreds of pre-orders to send out that take many days of packing. So can be very busy.

DHL Express

We currently send some larger orders via DHL Express to the USA and Brazil. These can be picked up one at a time however it is not so easy to know in advance what service we will use.

* Sent Notifications

Once we send an order there are three (3) email notices sent to you. Two directly from the shop and the third being a link to a tracking page.

When we send by DHL Global Mail (DHL ecommerce) the Tracking email will not be 'triggered' and sent to you until it is received and scanned in at the DHL depot. however, the parcel has still been 'sent' when it leaves our premises and the 1st two email notices are sent. This can be several days following, usually 2-3 days (Weekends EXCLUDED) however in busy times perhaps a little longer.

However, the parcel has still been 'sent' when it leaves our premises and the 1st two email notices are sent.

Notification emails come from noreply@elvispresleyshop.com

As always with such emails, you need to be aware they can go to the junk mail/spam folder.