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Elvis, The Hollywood Collection 6 DVD 'Box' Set : Includes Tickle Me (Elvis Presley)


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 Region 0 (Free) Elvis : The Hollywood Collection : 6 Elvis Movies / 6 DVDs. (Tickle Me, Charro!, Kissin' Cousins, Girl Happy, Live a Little, Love a Little and Stay Away, Joe). 


Everyone has a favorite Elvis movie. There are the obvious choices Blue Hawaii and GI Blues, Jailhouse Rock, and Love Me Tender that made Elvis' career in films. In this nice six film collection (Released in 2007) from Warner Brothers, there are some of the Elvis movies that don't always get shown during Elvis tribute times, but are special to many people.

There is nothing like an Elvis movie to make viewers nostalgic. You may not have lived it, but with Elvis as the star, you certainly feel a part of the action. Anyone up for 'doing the clam?'

Charro! - Most Elvis Presley movies fit neatly inside a whirlwind formula of girls, songs and who-do-you-love complications. Like its loner title character, the gritty western CHARRO! is different. The Elvis on screen here isn't the clean cut all American kid ready to hit the beach or dance floor. Instead, a barbed stubble covers his face. His hat hangs low over his eyes. And a bandanna hides the ugly scar that marks him as a killer. Written and directed by Charles Marquis Warren (creator of TV's Gunsmoke, Rawhide and The Virginian) this stark sagebrush saga follows an ex-outlaw trying to go straight. First-time widescreen video release.

Memphis Mafia cameos: Charlie Hodge is uncredited as a Mexican peon.

Girl Happy - Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. It's the perfect time and place for a girl, a guy a beach blanket and for a box-office bonanza when Elvis Presley goes Girl Happy. He portrays club singer Rusty Wells, who, when not wowing the crowds has the added task of making sure the daughter of his boss (Harold J. Stone) doesn't fall for any revved-up bikini chasers while on vacation. Shelley Fabares, Presley's favorite leading lady plays the daughter.

Memphis Mafia cameos: Red West is an extra in the Kit Kat Club.

Sample dialogue: 'I've given up the mental types. This is the type for me. Not much upstairs, but what a staircase!'

Special Features: New Digital Transfer of Complete Original Theatrical Version with Startin' Tonight Song Sequence Now Back in the Film.

Kissin' Cousins - Elvis takes on Elvis! Seeing double? You will be when Elvis Presley takes on two roles in the backwoods romp Kissin' Cousins. In his 15th film, the King plays dark-haired Air Force Lt. Josh Morgan and blonde good ol' boy Jodie Tatum.

Yvonne 'Batgirl' Craig, making her second appearance in an Elvis film, is cute as Josh's love interest, Azalea Tatum. Cynthia Pepper is a WAC who eventually falls for Jodie. There's also a nearby gang of hillbilly hotties, the Kittyhawks, led by, of all people, Maureen Reagan.

Memphis Mafia cameo: Joe Esposito is Mike.

Sample dialogue: 'The catfish eyes bring out the flavor in the possum tails'.

Includes New Digital Transfer of Complete Original Theatrical Version with Smokey Mountain Boy Song Sequence Now Back in the Film'.

Live a Little, Love a Little - In demand photographer works 9am to 5pm and 9am to 5pm. You read that right. Greg holds two simultaneous jobs: one for the publisher (Don Porter) of a girlie magazine another for an adman (Rudy Vallee). In his 28th film, Elvis takes a chance with his public image by doing more 'adult' comedy.

'A Little Less Conversation', which became a worldwide #1 hit in a 2002 remix version, is sung during the party. 'Edge Of Reality' offers some late-'60s psychedelic pop, a new direction for Elvis, but without the drugs.

Sample dialogue: 'You don't taste bad for a Sagittarius'.

Memphis Mafia cameos: Joe Esposito, Red West and Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, appear as extras.

Stay Away Joe - Just when Navajo rodeo star Joe Lightcloud has it all figured out, his plans go up in smoke. His idea about raising cattle on the reservation is a good one. But you know that great chow Joe and everyone else enjoyed at the barbecue? Turns out somebody's barbecued the herd's only bull!

Memphis Mafia cameos: Sonny West as Jackson He-Crow, Joe Esposito appears as a workman.

Sample dialogue: 'Why don't you find out while I rescue a certain white man from being scalped by wild Indians. Female Indians'.

Tickle Me - New man in Zuni Wells. Handome. Knows horses. Looking for part-time work until rodeo season opens. But when the ranch job Lonnie Beale snaps up turns out to be a stint at a dude ranch/spa for actresses and models, we are all in for full-time fun! First time widescreen video release.

Memphis Mafia cameos: Red West is an extra in a bar.

Sample dialogue: 'You know how it is when a pack of women get together- They begin clawing and scratching like wildcats. Try to keep everybody happy, won't you?'

In this 'Elvis - The Hollywood Collection' are six different films, each restored to theatrical length, with bonus feature of trailers. In addition each film has inserts of four card sized black and white stills and a card sized color movie poster.

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Elvis The Hollywood Collection Box set

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