Touched By Love DVD | Special Edition | 1980 Drama (a.k.a. To Elvis With Love), Starring Diane Lane, Deborah Raffin

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Touched by Love is an uplifting true story of love, hope and devotion and its important message is one of the most important parts of Elvis' legacy, one that deserves to be remembered forever. The end statement of the film says it all: 'To Elvis Presley for his compassion and ability to spread joy'.

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Special Edition

  • New superior transfer | Fantastic Quality
  • Includes 10 quality photos of Elvis Presley
  • Bonus documentary 'The Many Loves Of Elvis'

The movie is based on the reminisces of a real-life person, Lena Canada, a therapist in charge of handicapped girl named Karen played by the future star, Diane Lane. The acting is first-rate, particularly Diane Lane, whose portrayal (and transformation) of Karen from a lifeless body in her wheelchair to an animated and vibrant, talkative young girl is exceptional. A wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy victim, Karen also shows signs of autism. Determined to bring Karen back into the world, Ms. Canada suggests that the girl start a pen-pal relationship with her favorite celebrity, Elvis Presley. A low-key but emotionally supercharged movie also included in the cast are sixteen genuine 'special' children from a school in Calgary, Alberta.

The movie features performances by Elvis, Love Me Tender and Ready Teddy. Taken from a VHS video recording from TV, as such it is not perfect, however [again] as such it is actually in amazing quality given its age and source.

Amazing portrayal

When I first saw this movie, I had never heard of Diane Lane, but I had worked in institutions just like the one in this movie for years. Diane did a splendid job portraying a handicapped child. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised to see her walking and healthy in her next few films. This film is very touching and shows the progress we have made in the past few decades in the way we treat people with special needs.

Complete Cast Of Touched By Love

Deborah Raffin : Lena Canada
Michael Learned : Dr. Bell
Cristina Raines : Amy
Clu Gulager : Don Fielder
Diane Lane : Karen
John Amos : Tony
Mary Wickes : Margaret
Twyla Volkins : Monica