The Woman Who Loved Elvis (Rosanne Tom Arnold) DVD

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The Woman Who Loved Elvis DVD stars Rosanne Tom Arnold and is directed by Bill Bixby - In 1982, Iowan suburban housewife Joyce Jackson (Roseanne) is an obsessed fan of the late Elvis Presley. She's used the King of Rock and Roll's inspiration to turn her small house into a shrine. Convinced that Elvis is still alive, five years after his death, Joyce concocts a plan to set off and find and meet him, so she enlists the help of her estranged husband Jack (Tom Arnold).

Importantly the movie uses the real Elvis Presley singing soundtrack.

This movie is not award winning, but overall Elvis fans will apriciate it!

4.0 out of 5 stars Who loves Roseanne?


  • Includes 40+ minute TV Special at Graceland from 1982 prior to opening
  • Includes 50+ minute All The King's Disiples: The Fans