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The Perfect Elvis Presley Collection 20 Album CD Box Set (Elvis Presley)


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AlohaThe Perfect Elvis Presley Collection is a collection of 20 original Elvis albums from Sony Music, all kept together in a set up along the lines of the Singles box sets from the years 2005 and 2007. The set comes with a nice booklet with notes on each album, and it is particularly nice to have the original front and back cover art on the albums, one in particular, Aloha From Hawaii we have not had for a while [picture at right and below]. All are presented as per an original LP in cardboard sleeve enclosed in a solid display box. All around, a good set of albums for those that just want the basics and not all the extra alternate takes and deluxe packaging of the FTD Collectors label Classic Album Series [Which are all highly recommended by the way.] 

Booklet Welcome To My World CD
The Booklet front cover and Welcome To My World album cover.

The 20 albums to in the box are:

  1. Elvis Presley (1956)
  2. Elvis Is Back! (1960)
  3. Something For Everybody (1961)
  4. Pot Luck (1962)
  5. Elvis For Everyone! (1965)
  6. From Elvis In Memphis (1969)
  7. On Stage (1970)
  8. That's The Way It Is (1971)
  9. Elvis Country (1971)
  10. Love Letters From Elvis (1971)
  11. Elvis Now (1972)
  12. Aloha From Hawaii (1973)
  13. Elvis [aka The Fool Album] (1973)
  14. Raised On Rock / For Ol' Times Sake (1973)
  15. Good Times (1974)
  16. Promised Land (1975)
  17. Today (1975)
  18. From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976)
  19. Moody Blue (1977)
  20. Welcome To My World (1977)

Aloha From Hawaii Aloha
Aloha From Hawaii front and back covers.

Elvis Is Back! Elvis IS Back! : back cover. 
Elvis Is Back! front and back cover with Army photos.

The Elvis Now album back cover.Something For Everybody album back cover.
The Elvis Now album back cover and the Something For Everybody album back cover.

The Perfect Elvis Presley Collection : 20 CD Box Set : 20 original Elvis albums

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