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Stereo 'Moody Blue' is released in the FTD Classic album series. 'Moody Blue' was Elvis' last official studio album during his lifetime. Taken from the original session multi-tracks, it features the masters, unreleased outtakes, rough mixes and un-dubbed songs. The 16-page booklet 4-color booklet contains very rare memorabilia and photographs.

Moody Blue (2CD) FTD 123 (506020-975052)

Moody Blue was Elvis' last studio album is, in fact, includes recordings from several 1976 studio sessions and four concert tracks. Also included among the live songs are the Olivia Newton-John hit, 'If You Love Me (Let Me Know)', a pretty silly take on the Gladiolas' 'Little Darlin', and one of Elvis' favorite songs, 'Unchained Melody'. Studio tracks include covers of Jim Reeves' country hit 'He'll Have to Go', the George Jones hit 'She Thinks I Still Care', and two singles that reached the pop Top 40, 'Way Down' and the title track. The abundance of country songs on Moody Blue reflects the shift in Elvis Presley's audience, as does the chart performance of both singles (each reached the number one position on Billboard's country chart). Elvis Presley's vocals for the studio tracks were recorded in his den at Graceland.

Track listing

Disc 1 : The Album

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. If You Love Me (Let me know)
  3. Little Darlin'
  4. He'll Have To Go
  5. Let Me Be There
  6. Way Down
  7. Pledging My Love
  8. Moody Blue
  9. She Thinks I Still Care
  10. It's Easy For You

    The Alternate Album

  11. Unchained Melody - undubbed master
  12. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - undubbed master
  13. Moody Blue - take 6
  14. She Thinks I Still Care - take 2B
  15. My Way (live)
  16. Way Down - undubbed master
  17. Little Darlin' - undubbed master
  18. He'll Have To Go - rough mix
  19. Pledging My Love - composite of rehearsal and take 3
  20. It's Easy For You - take 1

    Bonus Tracks

  21. She Thinks I Still Care - takes 1, 2A
  22. America The Beautiful
  23. Softly As I Leave You

Disc 2

The Sessions

  1. Way Down - rehearsal, take 1
  2. Way Down - take 2A
  3. She Thinks I Still Care - takes 3,4
  4. Moody Blue - take 1
  5. Pledging My Love - takes 1,2
  6. Pledging My Love - take 3
  7. It's Easy For You - takes 3,4
  8. It's Easy For You - undubbed master
  9. She Thinks I Still Care - takes 7,9
  10. She Thinks I Still Care - take 10
  11. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - unedited rough mix of master
  12. Moody Blue - takes 7,5
  13. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - rough mix of master
  14. Pledging My Love - takes 4-5
  15. Pledging My Love - undubbed, unedited master
  16. Way Down - take 2B
  17. Way Down - rough mix of master
  18. Moody Blue - takes 8,9
  19. Moody Blue - master unedited rough mix
  20. She Thinks I Still Care - take 15
  21. America - composite of single master and the surviving ending of the erased studio version.


Compiled by Jean-Marc Juilland.

Mastered by Jean-Marc Juilland & Vic Anesini.

Moody Blue 2 CD FTD Clasic Album [Special Edition] 7" Presentation 2 CD

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