The Elvis Experience by Dave Hebler DVD (Elvis Presley)

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From the press release: Dave Hebler is the 10th-degree black belt 'Kenpo karate' champion who was hired by Elvis himself as his personal bodyguard in 1972. During the next four years, he became friends and confidant with the King. For the first time on film he tells about how they met, the crazy vegas years and how he experienced first hand what drugs did to Elvis. He also tells how the firing itself took place and what led him and two other bodyguards, Red & Sonny West, wrote the sensational book 'Elvis what happened' in 1977. The three received a lot of criticism from fans after the book (and still does), and now Dave finally answers back. This film is for the Elvis fans who want to hear what it was really like.

Judge for yourself.

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Running Time: 1hr 18 mins

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The Elvis Experience by Dave Hebler DVD

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