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PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) The TCB Gang : The Way It Was : The Untold Stories DVD documentary has the last ever footage of the late Al Dvorin who died tragically in a car crash within just 28 hours after the filming, and the DVD is dedicated to his memory. Loanne Parker (the widow of the late Colonel Tom Parker), also agreed to go on camera for the first time and discuss the intimate details of her experiences with Elvis, The Colonel and the TCB Gang. Only 900 copies have been produced of this DVD and it is claimed that it will never be re-released. Present at the filming were: Al Dvorin, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Dick Grob, Charles Stone, Loanne Parker, Sam Thompson ...

In August of 2004, seven of the closest and most personal friends of Elvis Presley gathered together at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel to reminisce and exchange stories about their personal experiences and admiration for Elvis Presley, The King of Rock-n-Roll. Present at the filming were:

  • The Late Al Dvorin Elvis friend and master of ceremonies.
  • Joe Esposito one of Elvis' closest friends, road manager and best man at Elvis' marriage to Priscilla.
  • Jerry Schilling one of Elvis' closest friends and Memphis Mafia Member.
  • Dick Grob Elvis' Chief of Security and friend.
  • Charles Stone Elvis' friend and concert producer.
  • Loanne Parker the widow of the late Colonel Tom Parker and close friend of Elvis.
  • Sam Thompson Elvis' friend, personal bodyguard and tour advance man.
  • This collector s edition DVD has many unique features, some of which are listed below:

1. Last film footage of the late Al Dvorin, Elvis friend and Master of Ceremonies. Unfortunately and at the loss of us all, Al Dvorin was killed in an auto accident within forty-eight hours of the filming of this remarkable DVD. It is to his memory, that this DVD was dedicated. Al was with Elvis from 1956 until the untimely death of Elvis in 1977.

2. This is the only time in history that Loanne Parker (the widow of the late Colonel Tom Parker) has ever agreed to go on camera and discuss the intimate details of her experiences with Elvis, The Colonel and the TCB Gang. Exclusive liner notes written by Loanne Parker, wife of the late Colonel Tom Parker.

3. This documentary was filmed with the permission of the Las Vegas Hilton in Elvis' suite he occupied for many years, while performing there. This is the only filming about Elvis ever allowed in his old suite.

4. This documentary was completely unscripted and uncensored. It is the filming of the heart felt expressions of seven of the closest people in the life of Elvis Presley.

5. This documentary was produced and directed by multi EMMY AWARD winner Dennis Rosenblatt, to Steve Binder (The Director of Elvis Comeback Special in 1968).

Among the great stories are:

  • The Colonel's fascination with elephants
  • Jerry Schilling and the Millennium Moment
  • Elvis' one-and-only 'all request show' in Asheville, North Carolina
  • How Loanna met The Colonel
  • Why keyboardist David Briggs didn't hit 'bad' notes
  • The 'presidential' idea behind Aloha From Hawaii
  • Elvis banned from performing in Montreal, Canada
  • The Colonel's unpublicised charitable donations
  • Why Elvis and the Colonel always bought ten tickets to an Elvis show
  • The day Elvis' plane almost collided with a tower in Roanoke, Virginia
  • The unusual reason Elvis started using police cars instead of limos to return to his hotel after a concert

This documentary is a must have and must see memento for every true fan of the King of Rock-n-Roll, ELVIS PRESLEY.

Running Time : 1 hour and 25 minutes. High Quality Digital Sound.

Elvis Presley Video. Interview with Colonel Tom Parker
Interviews with or about Elvis Presley Interview with Loanne Parker
Elvis Presley News Parker's shadowy past news to Memphis Mafia

To find out more about Colonel Parker, we recommend the excellent book, The Colonel by Alanna Nash.

The TCB Gang : The Way It Was : The Untold Stories DVD

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