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Southern Nights is a live compilation from the Spring Tours of 1975 and a companion set to 'Dixieland Rocks'. 'Southern Nights' is a soundboard recordings, meaning a recording at shows with semi-professional equipment. There are several flaws on the original source tapes. 'Southern Nights' shows just how vast Elvis' repertoire was at that time, with 19 songs not featured on 'Dixieland Rocks'. I found that including the dialogue and one-liners, they really represent 30 tracks on this CD. With a couple of lost opportunities here I'd still rate it as 8/10 and a very worthwhile purchase - this most likely achieves Ernst's aim of giving us a Rock N' Roll CD from 2 tours with out the Gospel. Pushed to commit to just 2 shows representing these 2 tours I'd plum for Atlanta 30.4.75 (complete) and Huntsville 31.5.75 E/S (complete) but this way your really getting tremendous 'highlights' together! Buy it now and be surprised! Geoffrey McDonnell

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Elvis sings I'm leavin' Huntsville, May 31, 1975 : (03:29)

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Above, listen to Elvis sing I'm leavin' Huntsville, May 31, 1975. From the Southern Nights CD from FTD. (Please listen out for Elvis referring to this song as a favorite, '... a song that we all like to sing'.)

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Southern Nights - 1975 Spring Tours Soundboard Recording

That's All Right - It's Now Or Never - Help Me - Steamroller Blues - Heartbreak Hotel - Release Me - Polk Salad Annie - I'll Remember You - Little Darlin' - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Trying To Get To You - You Gave Me A Mountain - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Fairytale - Jambalaya - Big Boss Man - It's Midnight - Promised Land - Trouble - T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Blue Suede Shoes - For The Good Times - I Can't Stop Loving You - I'm Leavin'

Southern Nights - Elvis Presley CD

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Elvis photos. Elvis Presley: Huntsville, AL : May 31, 1975

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