Not receiving a reply from us?

No Reply from Us?

Occasionally we have people not receive our replies due usually to their not checking their junk folder (or other folders in the case of gmail). Even good mail can go to junk mail, especial those that contain information related to shopping and buying things as this is one of the reasons for spam in the first place.

* You first need to allow us time to reply.

If the subject is not urgent (Anything other than 'Order Status' or 'Cancel') we could be up to a week in replying to non-urgent matters. Very rare but it can happen.

* If you ask for an order status within 10 days of ordering we will not answer this with any urgency as we have stated to please do not ask for an order status until 7-10 days after ordering as it can take this long before we send. Why?

* You need to do this ...

If there has been time (as explained above) then the case will be that we HAVE replied but the email has gone to your JUNK/SPAM folder.

You need to check for this. If it is not there please contact us again and then check the junk mail folder. (And allow time for it to arrive).

If this does not fix the issue then there is an issue with your email provider. You could ask them to fix but this is complicated so we ask you to please contact us using a different email account.

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