Long Lonely Highway FTD CD (Elvis Presley)

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Stereo Long lonely Highway features 18 previously unreleased Elvis Presley tracks. Two are first time stereo release and another 2 in improved audio quality. From the moment I heard it I knew that 'It Feels so right' - so say 'Better sound than Platinum' wasn't the same version at all !

'It Feels so right' Take 3 is on Platinum - Same as There's Alway me Vol. 1 - Starts with 'Are we ready?' and Elvis doing some nice hand clapping, obviously enjoying the song. At 1:00 he sings 'Each time we kiss' (should be 'Each time we touch') and you can hear a very muted 'fucked up' at 1:07 .. an nice outake ! Plus a fine 'oh Yeah' from Elvis at the end of the song. 'It Feels so right' Take 2 is on FTD # 5 - despite saying 'Previously released' and Ernst J saying 'Better sound than Platinum' (It obviously IS off a better generation master tape) - I don't think we have ever heard this version before. Scotty Moore's guitar isn't quite as smooth as on the following takes and Elvis gets his breathing/phrasing slightly wrong at 1:54. Plus the ending has a far more muted 'Oh yeah' All great versions of a great song Take 5 is damn perfect + became the master.

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Long Lonely Highway - Elvis Presley FTD CD

It s Now or Never / A Mess Of Blues / It Feels So Right / I m Yours / Anything That s Part of You / Just For Old Time Sake / You ll Be Gone / I Feel That I ve Known You Forever / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello / She s Not You / Devil In Disguise / Never Ending / Finders Keepers Losers Weepers / Long Lonely Highway (single master) / Slowly But Surely / By And By / Fools Fall In Love / Come What May (stereo master) / Guitar Man / Singing Tree (unused master) / Too Much Monkey Business / Stay Away (slow version

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