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Long Lonely Highway FTD CD (Elvis Presley)


Sold out.

StereoFTD (Follow That Dream), Sony Music's Official Elvis Presley Collectors Label. Long lonely Highway features 18 previously unreleased Elvis Presley tracks. Two are first time stereo release and another 2 in improved audio quality. From the moment I heard it I knew that 'It Feels so right' - so say 'Better sound than Platinum' wasn't the same version at all !

'It Feels so right' Take 3 is on Platinum - Same as There's Alway me Vol. 1 - Starts with 'Are we ready?' and Elvis doing some nice hand clapping, obviously enjoying the song. At 1:00 he sings 'Each time we kiss' (should be 'Each time we touch') and you can hear a very muted 'fucked up' at 1:07 .. an nice outake ! Plus a fine 'oh Yeah' from Elvis at the end of the song. 'It Feels so right' Take 2 is on FTD # 5 - despite saying 'Previously released' and Ernst J saying 'Better sound than Platinum' (It obviously IS off a better generation master tape) - I don't think we have ever heard this version before. Scotty Moore's guitar isn't quite as smooth as on the following takes and Elvis gets his breathing/phrasing slightly wrong at 1:54. Plus the ending has a far more muted 'Oh yeah' All great versions of a great song Take 5 is damn perfect + became the master.

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Long Lonely Highway - Elvis Presley FTD CD

It’s Now or Never / A Mess Of Blues / It Feels So Right / I’m Yours / Anything That’s Part of You / Just For Old Time Sake / You’ll Be Gone / I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello / She’s Not You / Devil In Disguise / Never Ending / Finders Keepers Losers Weepers / Long Lonely Highway (single master) / Slowly But Surely / By And By / Fools Fall In Love / Come What May (stereo master) / Guitar Man / Singing Tree (unused master) / Too Much Monkey Business / Stay Away (slow version

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