Elvis: That's The Way It Is Book Trilogy Box Set from Erik Lorentzen (Elvis Presley)

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From Erik Lorentzen the limited edition, 100 copies only, photographic trilogy 'That's The Way It Is'. Volume one covers the 'The MGM rehearsals', volume two 'The Las Vegas rehearsals' and volume three the 'The concerts'. This hardback set, packed as a limited edition in a special slip-case and will contain over 2000 unpublished photos..

As a special pre-order bonus there will be 18 25cm x 30cm (9.84" x 11.8") 'Perfect For Framing' photos with each box set.

3 Hardback books about 'That's The Way It Is'

  • Volume 1: The MGM rehearsals
  • Volume 2: The Las Vegas rehearsals
  • Volume 3: The concerts

Over 2000 unpublished photos.

Weight: 9 kg | 20 lbs

View a 9-page preview from the Erik Lorentzen release of the photographic trilogy 'That's The Way It Is'.