Elvis: Tampa Wave April 26, 1975 DVD

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After the overwhelming success of our recent DVD set 'From Sea To Shining Sea' we were able to obtain more new and great 8mm footage plus a first generation audience recording from Elvis' April 1975 tour with the 'Tampa Wave' DVD.

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'Tampa Wave' is a single DVD with a running time of almost 100 (!!) minutes and includes rare and high-quality 8mm-footage of the Tampa evening show from April 26, 1975 (the same as you can hear on the CD) and more impressions from the same tour with the concerts in Lakeland, FL (Evening show from April 27 and the show from April 28) and Atlanta from May 1st. As a VERY special bonus the DVD contains an absolutely stunning performance from Elvis' concert in Richfield, filmed at his magnificent July 75' tour (July 18). The quality and length of the material we invested a lot of money in recently will blow you away! You will get 53 (!!) minutes from this show which is almost 80% of the whole performance.

Especially in the last two years, there have been a lot of releases which have shown some great 8mm footage on DVD. We appreciate this development because it makes it possible for fans to get a good look at what Elvis Presley concerts were like all through the 1970s and not only at the time-frames of TTWII, Elvis On Tour, Aloha From Hawaii and Elvis In Concert, where Elvis-Fans can watch professional material of for many years already. In the last couple of years more and more of the old private film-reels which seem to have remained hidden since the 1970's showed up - reels that have been copied over and over and later put on rather bad video cassettes which have also been copied and copied over and over again, losing so much information with each ongoing copy. Nowadays, it is possible to work with those reels from back then, getting great results in terms of picture quality (at least in quite big parts) so we can see Elvis in all its glory on almost every tour and every Las Vegas engagement he did and taste a bit of the excitement from way back 45+ years ago.