Elvis Presley Summer Festival 1974/1975 DVD

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With the release of, Elvis Presley Summer Festival '74/'75 we have finally on DVD the best images available of Elvis' Summer Festivals from 1974/1975!

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Region Free (0) NTSC

Good to stunning quality 8mm movies of The King in action. A variety of shows, spectacular outfits, karate demonstrations and nice overviews of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel makes you feel you are right there in the audience.

With sound from either audience or soundboard recordings where available. Elvis was in good shape during the shows as presented here. This DVD also gives us more a glimpse of the shows held in August 1975 and in very good quality considering the source. Elvis canceled the remainder of that season shortly after. But here you get to see and hear him in action, featuring the very rare black & white 'Pengiun' suit. As a bonus there are several on tour shows featured also, among them great images from Huntsville 1975.

Featured Shows:

  • August 18, 1975, Dinner Show
  • August 19, 1975, Dinner & Midnight Show
  • August 20, 1975, Closing Show
  • December 6, 1975, Dinner Show
  • August 19, 1974, Dinner Show
  • August 30, 1974, Dinner Show
  • September 1, 1974, Dinner & Midnight Show
  • Undated show, 1974, - Several updated clips
  • Elvis lands in Huntsville, May 30, 1975 - Huntsville, May 31, 1975 + June 1, 1975, Afternoon Shows - Departure with the Lisa Marie, 1975.