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PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) Elvis By The Presleys 2 DVD Set - The public Elvis is well known, but the private Elvis remains a mystery. 'Elvis By The Presley's' 2-DVD set will change that. Fans are granted an unprecedented understanding of the Presley family, with unhindered access into the archives of the Elvis Presley estate, coupled with extensive new interviews with both Priscilla and Lisa Marie plus rare performance footage of the King at his best. Over four and a half hours of footage make the DVD 'Elvis By The Presley's' arguably the most revealing and poignant video portrait we will ever see of the artist as husband, father and friend.

The program grants access to his life like a glimpse into a family album, beginning with Elvis: Meets Priscilla a chance for Priscilla to recall her story of meeting Elvis in Germany. Beautifully restored audio of Elvis speaking is inter-cut with Priscilla as they chronicle their lives together for the first time.

Early care free days at Graceland and In Los Angeles are painted with fantastic home movies.

This revealing footage shows Elvis as a playful family man, building snow men, snowmobiling, riding horses, swimming, water skiing and hamming it up for the camera. These were perhaps the happiest times for all.

As the documentary turns a corner, Priscilla reveals the realities of a Hollywood relationship and her efforts to win over Elvis completely, sacrificing her own ambitions and desires for the security of their relationship. In rare interviews, Elvis talks candidly about women and dating and the pressure he felt to remain single for his public image. As we watch Lisa Marie grow, she shares more and more of her earliest memories of life at Graceland as a kid; the big southern dinners, the menagerie of pets, the wild games, the late nights at the movie theatre, and of course, what it was like having Elvis as a father.

Elvis: After Dark is a deeply moving segment featuring Lisa Marie and Priscilla speaking about Elvis' spiralling drug use and his ultimate death. The story of his demise has never been so poignant and heartbreaking as we heat it told by those who were affected the most.

The final segment Elvis: Forever documents Elvis' legacy as it continues to grow and in the wake of his passing other Presley's have stepped up to the plate, proudly carrying on his name and keeping his voice in the public ear. Elvis' daughter and grandchildren would have made him proud and the documentary ends on a high note as we see a great future for Elvis with no end to the success of the Presley's.

Alongside the deluxe DVD documentary are a number of special features, including a photo gallery and two exclusive bonus chapters entitled Elvis: Nixon and Elvis: Karate. (Footage with Elvis demonstrating and explaining Karate moves, released for the first time!)

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The King of Rock and Roll would have turned 70 in 2005, the same year Elvis by the Presleys was released. An impressive number, but it's a pea in the ocean compared to the amount of posthumous products bearing his name; and the really amazing part is that some of them actually manage to shed new light on this much-studied icon. Assuming one has the time, stamina, and interest to wade through the enormous amount of material presented on Elvis by the Presleys, this ambitious, well-made documentary-reminiscence certainly falls into that category.

The presence and participation of Presley's ex-wife, Priscilla, and daughter Lisa Marie, as well as Priscilla's parents and sister, Elvis' first cousin, and 'Memphis Mafia' member Jerry Schilling, lend an air of authenticity to the project. There isn't a lot here about Elvis' music, although the interpolation of many clips from his TV appearances, movies, concert performances, and recordings more than adequately convey the singer's ineffable (and apparently eternal) appeal. Elvis by the Presleys is more specifically designed to provide an inside look at the day-to-day life of Presley, his family, and those in his immediate orbit, and on that level it succeeds rather well.

There is a lot of talk here--nearly four and half hours' worth (including bonus material), spread out over two discs. Some of the territory covered is yawn-inducingly familiar: Elvis was well-mannered but moody, he was exceedingly generous, he loved Christmas, he appreciated his fans, and on and on. But there are more surprising (at least to the casual fan) revelations as well: Presley was an accomplished horseman; he was not only a good Christian but a voracious reader with an interest in spiritual as well as purely religious matters (he even joined the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles); and he suffered mightily from insomnia. Moreover, while this is a loving tribute, it's not hagiography. Priscilla makes it clear that she and everyone else around Elvis were expected to surrender their own lives to suit his needs and whims, a demand she eventually found unendurable. Nor do they gloss over Elvis' final years, when he was fat, drug-ridden, and disillusioned. Little matter that Elvis Presley is dead. Long live the King! --Sam Graham

n the special, Priscilla and Lisa Marie speak with unguarded candor about their lives with the legendary Elvis Presley and offer an intimate look at their family and private life. Rare interviews with Elvis' first cousin, Patsy Presley Geranen, and Priscilla's parents, Ann and Paul Beaulieu, are also featured.

Vintage, never-before-seen performance footage is be interwoven with photographs from the Presley Estate archives and press coverage of Elvis over the years. Private home movies of the Presley family illustrate and illuminate his story with vivid detail, honest insight and great warmth. Different aspects of Elvis' life, including his tours, his time in Hollywood and his home life, are depicted with the insight that only his family can bring. His career ups and downs, his kindness and generosity and his human frailties are all brought to light as well as a reflection on his place in entertainment history and his enduring legacy.

Fan Feedback : I have never been a fan of Elvis. Not that I didn't like him, I was just neutral and didn't grow up with his music. I happened to be home the night this special aired on tv...there was not much else on, so I tuned in. WOW. I was very impressed with him as a person - particularly the spiritual side and his devotion to family and friends: the gifts for people who were with him from the get-go, his knowledge of all gospel music...and then, the performances!!! I have always been a fan of rock music, and John Lennon in particular. He revered Elvis and now I see why. Even the 'fat Elvis' segments, which I thought might be eliminated by the family, showed a powerful musician, with a great big SOUL. I thought that Priscilla Presley was the perfect narrator...she knew him over many of the years, with a close relationship continuing after their marriage dissolved. After I saw this documentary, I was anxious to rave about it to all my friends, be they Elvis fans or not...It was a perfect portrait of an artist, who may have or may not have known he had a gift for the world.

DVD Track Index

Disc 1
1. Elvis: Meets Priscilla
2. Elvis: Introducing Mrs. Presley
3. Elvis: The Inner Child
4. Elvis: The Generous
5. Elvis: The Seeker
6. Elvis: The King
7. Elvis: After Dark

Disc 2
1. Elvis: On Stage
2. Elvis: Style
3. Elvis Taking Care Of Business
4. Elvis: Forever

Special Features

1. Elvis: Nixon
2. Photo Gallery
3. 45 RPM
4. Elvis: Karate.

* Running Time: 270 minutes
* DVD Audio: 2.0 Stereo

Elvis By The Presleys - 2 Elvis Presley DVD Set

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