Elvis: Behind The Image Vol. 1 DVD

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PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) 'Behind The Image' Volume 1 DVD.

Elvis : Behind The Image Vol. 1 DVD

As the first product of the 'Behind The Image' series, 'Elvis Behind The Image Vol.1' was not conceived and compiled by 'Praytome Publishing', but by the successful film company 'Spotlight Films' in Hollywood, having collaborated e.g. with splendid productions like 'Terminator' with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 'Die Hard' series with Bruce Willis. The first edition of the DVD has been pressed in the USA and not in Europe like the follow-up productions.

We can present you the revised version of the DVD 'Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 1'. (And Volume 2 is a totally new release).

What is different? First you'll notice that the menu is interactive now, similar and in the same style like the second volume of this successful series. The design has been adapted also to the second part. Some miscolored or distorted pictures have been corrected or replaced by previously unreleased pictures. In front of every 8mm film has been placed a mini - documentary, which gives background information about the shown material and very rare candid pictures of the relevant concert. In addition all so far released trailers have been integrated as a bonus on this DVD.

The legendary DVD 'Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 1' heralded a completely new era of Elvis documentaries and entails a series of first class issues, which not only revitalized the 8mm-genre, but revolutionized it. The historic material has been digitalized directly from the 8mm-reel by a new developed and highly sensitive laser scanning technique. By using this equipment it was possible to bring the previously unreleased 8mm movies on DVD in a never before known quality.

The DVD impresses with unbelievable and sensational 8mm movies presenting Elvis Presley on stage at different locations, e.g. in Los Angeles, California at the Forum Inglewood Nov. 14, 1970 with an afternoon show and an evening show. In the evening Elvis wears the fabulous 'Fringe Suit', a jumpsuit with very long fringes. This suit has been worn by Elvis only a very few times. It has been on one hand very extravagant, but on the other hand very inexpedient, because during the show the fringes wrapped around Elvis and constricted his appearance. You will find only a handful of photos of this jumpsuit and no one had ever thought about 8mm shots before the release of 'Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 1'.

Moreover you can see a very dynamic Elvis on stage in San Diego, California Nov. 15, 1970 wearing the 'I Got Lucky - Suit' at the Sports Arena. Wonderful shots of different appearances in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International Hotel from January and February 1971 complete the 8mm concert movies.

Nevertheless, this super rare 8mm concert footage is not the ultimate sensation of this DVD, but the 8mm material, which shows us the 'man behind the image', the private citizen Elvis and his residences and the interior of his houses in California. Before this DVD was released this had been a black hole in Elvis' life - totally unknown and unexplored.

These fantastic 8mm footages complete the remarkable and interesting documentary. In the documentary close friends of Elvis, e.g. Kathy Westmoreland (soprano of Elvis' orchestra) or John Wilkinson (rhythm guitar player of Elvis' orchestra), talk about Elvis and give impressing background information.

If you still don t have this classic, you should now jump at this chance to order the revised version of the DVD 'Elvis Behind The Image Vol.1'. At the first appearance of this DVD it set the pattern for a very good price-performance ratio and generated enthusiasm from the press and the fans. Because of the revision the running time extends up to 99 min.

You know the legend...
... now meet the man

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