Elvis And The Beauty Queen DVD | The story of Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley (Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist)

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Elvis and the Beauty Queen is a 1981 made-for-TV film starring Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist about the King's love affair with Linda Thompson (Stephanie Zimbalist), a young beauty pageant contestant who was his girlfriend during the last years of his life. The story begins with their first meeting and traces their years together. Seven songs were recorded for the soundtrack in Nashville, Tennessee, with country singer Ronnie McDowell providing the vocals. The movie is controversial among fans who either dislike Don Johnson and/or his portrayal of Elvis and pick out factual flaws.

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However on the flip side there are many, like myself, who enjoyed this movie when originally aired, finding the soundtrack songs by Ronnie McDowell making the movie all the more than enjoyable. From the 'New York Times', There's nothing here that hasn't already been trampled to death by the tabloids, but diehard Elvis fanatics will be satisfied.

This DVD uses film converted/transferred from the original VHS video release. Quality is good for the source but certainly not perfect.

Includes bonus 'The intimate Loves of Elvis'.