Elvis and Me Special Edition DVD (based on Priscilla Presley's best-selling book) (Elvis Presley)

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'Elvis & Me' is a mini-series based on Priscilla Presley's best-selling book of the same name. Starring Dale Midkiff as Elvis and Susan Walters as Priscilla, the movie stays true to what Priscilla wrote in conjunction with Sandra Harmon and was a rating blockbuster when aired on TV over two nights in 1988.

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While this movie has never seen an official DVD release, we have now an 'escape' well worth catching ... This DVD uses film converted/transferred from the original VHS video release. Quality is absolutely FANTASTIC for the source but certainly not perfect. This is from a brand-new transfer from VHS Video, (a sealed new copy was sourced) and extra work has been done to improve the screen viewing quality. It is easy to watch and enjoy and no strain on the eyes. Most definitely something you can watch and enjoy,and come back and watch it again. The finished result is a MASSIVE improvement over the previous release. 

Elvis And Me 1988 DVD is a fantastic Made For TV production covering the life and times of the Superstar Elvis Presley. Midkiff and Miller both give excellent and believable performances as Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Elvis And Me 1988 DVD is an excellent Made For TV movie that shows both the good and the bad with pop icon Elvis Presley. Elvis And Me DVD is a fascinating look into the life of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Elvis and Me DVD is a fascinating look at one of America's earliest pop star icons. Elvis And Me DVD remains a great peek into the legendary life and pop figure. Elvis And Me DVD remains a great Made For TV movie about Elvis Presley.

Midkiff and Walters have terrific on-screen chemistry together in Elvis And Me DVD. Elvis And Me DVD remains a wonderful depiction of Elvis and his lifestyle. Elvis And Me DVD is an Elvis depiction like no other. Elvis And Me DVD is one of the best Made For TV productions about Elvis and his vices. Elvis And Me DVD is a terrific made for TV true-life story of The King with all his flaws.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a KING. His name was Elvis. ELVIS and ME is his story. Taken from the bestselling memoirs of Priscilla Presley, it is an insider's story. An unflinching, intimate portrait of the greatest entertainer of our time -- and the woman who he loved and married. From the Mississippi Delta to the Las Vegas Ballrooms, from Graceland to the inner circle of the rock and roll empire, ELVIS and ME traces the most meteoric rise to stardom the world has ever known. But there was also another Elvis. The private Elvis. The Elvis that wanted to create, in Priscilla, the perfect woman-- a blend of hot sexuality and pristine innocence, of spunkiness and submission. It is the hidden Elvis that we are finally given a glimpse of. The Generosity, the victories, the almost fatherly warmth told with candor and care, ELVIS and ME is a bittersweet and passionate reflection of the loss of innocence, the loss of love, and the loss of a national living treasure.