Elvis Presley's Graceland (1985) by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley DVD

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Those that knew the King well also knew how important Graceland was to him. Graceland was Elvis' monument to the American dream. The dream that enabled a poor boy from Tupelo, Mississippi to become the world’s greatest entertainer.

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Join Priscilla Beaulieu Presley as she fondly remembers Elvis' life. Graciously guiding us through the wonderful rooms at Graceland, sharing with us some of the King's most meaningful moments: untold stories of generosity, his relationship with his friends and family, his accomplishments.

Features the song 'Old Friend' by Bill Medley.

** Transferred from original VHS Video nonetheless the picture is extremely good quality - excellent and very watchable. A very enjoyable program. It has also been cleaned up as much as possible and color corrected. Some great bonus features are included too (see below).

We re-live the excitement of Elvis' life with interviews and footage: from his discovery at legendary Sun Records, to his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and finally to the candlelight vigils that commemorate his passing.

Graceland was the center of Elvis Presley's life. His monument to achievement for those who cared for him.

Highlights of the tour include:

• the exotic Jungle Room
• the lavishly-decorated Pool Room
• the fully-equipped TV Room
• the luxuriously-appointed dining and living rooms
• the immaculately-landscaped grounds surrounding the Graceland Estate

Director: Steve Binder
Producers: Steve Binder/Claude Ravier
Executive Producer: Joseph F. Rascoff


Some great bonus features are included;

• Interview with Linda Thompson
• ABC News item at Graceland 1981
• Live From Graceland 1982 | The Don Lane Show (Australia) In good quality.
• Graceland 1960 (8mm)
• And more