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Elvis : Behind The Image Book Volume 2 : Welcome To His World



book_bti2_display.jpg'Elvis: Behind The Image' - The Book Vol. 2 offers the fan more than 520 photos on over 140 pages. Thereby the candids cover all three decades in which the king was in the spotlight and the media was interested in him. The 50s are mainly black/white, the 60s and 70s are documented with color photos. The journals of Sandi Miller enable the reader once again a previously unknown insight into the private world of Elvis. Originally Sandi Miller was an Elvis fan but she became, like in a dream of every Elvis fan, a close friend of Elvis. So she was a guest on many private parties, and she was a lot of times present at Elvis's home and at rehearsals in the RCA studios.

Even at that time she kept detailed records in a kind of journal about the many meetings with Elvis so she has a lot of memories, she has saved over the years in her journals, to offer us. So she can report about every detail like it just happened yesterday. Bud Glass was, however, able to enthuse during his researches other contemporary witnesses for the project, thereunder famos names like Jean-Marc Gargiulo or Livio Monari, who describe their memories at those times, their personal moments and meetings with Elvis detailed to the reader. These reports are being in-depth accompanied in the finest 'Behind The Image' manner with sensational photos which mirror these incidents impressively.

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Here are some details:

Elvis Presley Photos 520 photographs
Elvis Presley Photos 50 additional illustrations e.g. ticket stubs, newspaper articles, photos of Elvis personal items...
Elvis Presley Photos more than 144 pages (Vol. 1 - circa 120 pages)
Elvis Presley Photos covers the years 1956-1977
Elvis Presley Photos Foreword by Kathy Westmoreland
Elvis Presley Photos Introduction by Sandi Miller

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Elvis : Behind The Image Vol 2 : Welcome To His World : Elvis Presley Book

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