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Welcome Home Elvis 1960 : Hardcover Book from FTD + Elvis Is Back! Mono Master CD (Elvis Presley)


Sold out.

FTD (Follow That Dream), Sony Music's Official Elvis Presley Collectors Label. Welcome Home Elvis is a 260 page book covering the vital weeks in 1960 where Elvis regained control over his career. The format is the same as the books, King Creole : The Music and A Moment In Time. The book includes: More than 300 photos, many of them previously unpublished, text by David English and a CD with the original mono master for 'Elvis Is Back!'. Pictures include Elvis coming home from the army, several press conferences, pictures at Graceland, coverage of the Sinatra TV show and much more.


[Referring to both The Elvis Files Volume 5 Book and the Welcome Home Elvis Book]

Just wanted to let you know that I got the books this morning when I went to the Office. I wasn't here yesterday so she signed for them. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! The girls in the Office were looking at the pictures and asking me questions about who was who! They are beautiful and I am glad I ordered them. You published two gorgeous books about Elvis and you should be proud of yourself. Elvis would be proud of you. Thanks again for doing everything to make sure that I got both books. They must have done an awful lot of research to write both books. The pictures are excellent and I can truthfully say that I have never seen them before. I particularly liked the ones showing Elvis' discharge from the Army and what he had to go through just to get discharged. I also like the truth about Nancy Sinatra meeting him at the airport. I always thought that he was cheating on Priscilla, [With Nancy] who had to remain in Germany, but according to the article in your book, she did it as a publicity gimmick. I didn't know that she was engaged to Tommy Sands. I am learning new things about Elvis as a result of these books and the pictures are excellent. Good work. Patsy Davis.

The format is the same as the well-known FTD book format (King Creole : The Music and A Moment In Time).

Elvis Is Back! Mono Master CD

  1. Make Me Know It
  2. Fever
  3. The Girl Of My Best Friend
  4. I Will Be Home Again
  5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
  6. Thrill Of Your Love
  7. Soldier Boy
  8. Such A Night
  9. It Feels So Right
  10. Girl Next Door Went A'Walking
  11. Like A Baby
  12. Reconsider Baby

Photo Preview : Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

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Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book

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Welcome Home Elvis : FTD Book plus Mono Master CD

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