Elvis: The Complete '56 Radio Recorders Sessions CD from Elvis One (Elvis Presley)

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Elvis One presents 'The Complete '56 Radio Recorders Sessions' on CD. A lot of these sessions are lost ... For this release we wanted a different approach. The first 13 tracks are the Original Single & Album Masters with the original fade-outs. The same masters can be heard in the Masters & Outtakes section but now slightly longer taken from the master tape. When you compare the ending of the original album master of ‘Long Tall Sally' with the ‘rough ending' master you will notice the difference. The ending of take 18 of ‘Playing For Keeps' and insert take 2 of ‘Too Much' were used for the spliced masters of these songs. We have chosen to release these recordings separately. You can hear all known masters and outtakes from Elvis at Radio Recorders in 1956 on this album.

Original Single & Album Masters

01. Playing For Keeps
02. Love Me
03. How Do You Think I Feel
04. How's The World Treating You
05. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
06. Long Tall Sally
07. Old Shep
08. Paralyzed
09. Too Much
10. Anyplace Is Paradise
11. Ready Teddy
12. First In Line
13. Rip It Up

Masters & Outtakes

14. Old Shep (alternate take 5)
15. Playing For Keeps (ending take 18)
16. Too Much (insert take 2)
17. Too Much (take 12)
18. Long Tall Sally (master take 4)
19. How Do You Think I Feel (master take 7)
20. Love Me (master take 9)
21. How's The World Treating You (master take 7)
22. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (master take 10)
23. Paralyzed (master / composite of take 12 & insert take 5)
24. Anyplace Is Paradise (master take 12)
25. First In Line (master take 27)
26. Ready Teddy (master take 12)
27. Old Shep (master take 1)
28. Rip It Up (alternate take 10)
29. Rip It Up (alternate takes 11-13)
30. Rip It Up (alternate take 14)
31. Rip It Up (alternate take 15)
32. Rip It Up (alternate take 16)
33. Rip It Up (alternate take 17)
34. Rip It Up (alternate take 18)
35. Rip It Up (master take 19)