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We keep you updated about every pre-order title via this 'Pre-order Release Status' page. And we should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. We do this NOT because we don't want to talk with you but to save valuable time that is needed to TCB elsewhere (like packing your order!!) (more)

Please note with FTD (Follow That Dream), Sony Music's Official Elvis Presley Collectors Label. Follow That Dream (FTD) releases. FTD now supply only at the time of new releases, not in between as needed as in previous years. This means if we run out of stock or are not suppled enough of a new title we have to wait until the next 'new' release before we can obtain more. We show this as 'Part 2 of our original order').

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Usually, it takes around 14 days for an order to arrive to us once sent

Not Released. Red means the item is not released.

Released. Amber means has been released and our order is on the way to us. With date.

Released. Green means has been released and we have posted out ALL orders.


All out of Stock FTD Products

Not Released. All 'out of stock' FTD titles are ordered with next FTD Release.


August 8

Released. Elvis Live 1969 Boxset from Sony Music
Released. Elvis Live 1969 2 x LP Record from Sony Music


July 11 | August 8

Released. Elvis Sessions From Clambake


August (end)

Not Released. Elvis Amercia Sound 1969 5 CD Boxset from FTD
Not Released. Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee 2 LP Reccord from FTD


August 16

Not Released. Elvis Presley DEA Credentials and Elvis/Nixon Photo 16" x 8" Frame


August 2019

Not Released. The Definitive Vinyl Record Artwork Book (JAT)



Not Released. Elvis Now In Person 1969 Large Hardcover Book
Not Released. Elvis: Las Vegas '56 | Elvis' First Las Vegas Season Hardcover Book



Not Released. Kentucky Rain
Not Released. Like A Greek God
Not Released. I Do A Lot of Things
Not Released. Welcome To South Bend


July 1 | July 30

Released. 6363 Volume 2
Released. The Classic Elvis Presley Bootleg Collection Vol. 2
Released. I Got Lucky : Promo 45 RPM EP Sampler
Released. My Kind of Blues LP Record
Released. Elvis 69 This Is The Story Red & Black Vinyl Record Set


July 1

Released. Elvis Rocks in '75


July 19 | July 30

Released. Elvis Now Yellow Vinyl LP


June 8 | June 21

Released. Elvis In Paris

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We keep you updated about every pre-order title via the 'Release Status' page.

We should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. View. How the 'Release Status' page works ...

Orders will be sent ONLY when the 'Pre-order' is available.

Follow That Dream (FTD) are currently out of stock of this title. It will not be available until the release following the currently announced release.