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Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis' 'first live performance in nine years' is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking!

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  • Not Released. Spliced Takes Snowbird
  • Released. Spliced Takes Hollywood Revisited (Sent to us August 30)
  • Not Released. Spliced Takes Nashville

Pre-orders (With approximate expected release date)


August 7 - Second order on the way (First arrived damaged)

Released. Elvis: 'Too Much Monkey Business' 2-LP Limited Edition from FTD


August 30

Released. Moody Blue Vinyl / EP / CD Box set

Released. Moody Blue alternate LP Blue

Released. Moody Blue alternate LP Black

Released. Private Presley Vinyl

Released. Private Presley CD

Released. Wanda Red


October 20

Released. Elvis: 'Moody Blue' LP 40th Anniversary Release from Sony Music


August 30

Released. Texas Tornado

Released. Breaking News

Released. Everybody Let’s Rock

Released. Greensboro '77 CD

Released. Everybody Let's Rock CD

Released. Breaking News CD


August 30

Released. Elvis: 'Clambake' Blu-ray (Region Free)

Released. Elvis: 'Tickle Me' Blu-ray (Region Free)

Released. Elvis: 'Frankie and Johnny' Blu-ray (Region Free)


August 30

Released. Elvis: Kid Galahad Blu-ray (Region Free) Only 3000 copies available


August / September

Not Released. Elvis Presley: 'Riding The Rainbow 1961 (part III)' Electric Blue vinyl LP

Not Released. Elvis: '40th Anniversary Best of Singles A & B' double LP



Not Released. Packing Out The Arena

Not Released. Beach Boy Blues 'Azure Blue Wave' Vinyl (Limited Edition 200 numbered copies)

Not Released. The Rockin' Romantic LP



Not Released. The Definitive Vinyl Record Artwork Book (JAT)


August 16

Released. 'Elvis: The Legend: The Authorized Book from the Graceland Archives' Book


July 9 / August 8

Released. Roustabout FTD Classic Album

Released. 'Start Spreading The News': Elvis At Madison Square Garden Book and CD


July 27 / August 16

Released. 'Strictly Elvis': 1973-1974-1975: Through The Lens Of Keith Alverson Hardcover Book


July 18 / August 16

Released. All American Boy

Released. Spilced Takes Nashville Revisited

Released. Drums Of The Islands

Released. Elvis In Concert No Comments

Released. Country Memories

Released. Hot Summer In 1973


July 12 / August 8

Released. The Wonder Of You DVD


July 28

Released. Elvis Presley: 'A Boy From Tupelo' : The Complete 1953-55 Recordings 3 CD & Book Set

Released. Elvis Presley: 'A Boy From Tupelo: The Sun Masters' 12" Vinyl LP Record


June 26 / July 15

Released. Elvis Sun 78rpm Vinyl Special Releases


June 17 / July 4

Released. Elvis In Atlanta


June 17 / June 19 / July 5

Released. Studio Sessions '56


June 16 / July 4

Released. Elvis In Concert (1977) 'No Comments' CD

Released. Elvis Presley: Kid Galahad / Follow That Dream: Part One: 1961 Studio Sessions

Released. Elvis Presley: Kid Galahad / Follow That Dream: Part Two: 1961 Studio Sessions

Released. On Fire In Florida CD

Released. Beyond All Bounds

Released. December Heights

Released. Packing the Arena Out 2 CD Set

Released. Elvis: That's The Way It Was 8 CD/3 DVD Boxset (Second order)


May 30 / June 22

Released. 'Elvis' CD (based on the original 'Elvis' Australia vinyl LP)

Released. TeeVee Treasures: The '68 Comeback Special Super Box Set

Released. Elvis: That's The Way It Was 8 CD/3 DVD Boxset

Released. Great Moments With Elvis CD

Released. Elvis: 'From Kansas City To Sin City' DVD

Released. Let It Roll CD

Released. Let Me Be The One


April / May 18

Released. From Elvis In New York - 1956 CD

Released. Elvis Presley: Past Masters CD

Released. 'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 3' CD

Released. 'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 4' CD

Released. Let It Roll CD

Released. 'Unedited Masters' Nashville CD

Released. 'Elvis Lost In The Mail CD


May 16 / May 25

Released. 'Elvis Las Vegas '74'

Released. 'Elvis: His Songs Of Praise Vol. 2' Hardcover Book + CD


May 15 / May 25

Released. 'Pot Luck' for 'Record Store Day' release on Golden vinyl

Released. 'Blue Hawaii' for 'Record Store Day' release on blue vinyl


April 20 / May 15

Released. 'Elvis In Person, One Night in Toronto April 2, 1957'

Released. Elvis On Television 1956-1960: The Complete Sound Recordings


April / April 13

Released. Elvis : The Lost Performances Vol. 1 DVD

Released. Elvis : The Lost Performances Vol. 2 DVD

Released. Elvis : The Lost Performances Vol. 3 DVD

Released. The Elvis I Knew by Charlie Hodge DVD + FREE CD Disc


March 10 / March 30

Released. 'A Date With Elvis' 2 CD FTD Classic Album

Released. 'Speedway' double vinyl LP from FTD Vinyl


March 24 / April 3

Released. Platinum : A Life In Music : Elvis Presley 4 CD Set


March 20 / April 7

Released. Spilced Takes Hollywood Revisited

Released. The Essential Undubbed Masters (2nd order)

Released. Long Tall Sally

Released. Sahara Tahoe

Released. Wichita!

Released. Elvis Work In Progress Volume 1 CD

Released. Elvis Work In Progress Volume 2 CD


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