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Last updated August 8


This page tells you everything we will tell you. IF you see that a release is listed with the 'Green' icon and you have not received notice your order has been sent, you can then ask. Before this, yellow and red, this page tells you the current status.

Conditions of Pre-order

It is a condition of every pre-order that if your order includes a pre-ordered item you MUST check this page for updates. We can't tell you any more than this page.

  • NOTE | Most items we sell do not have a 'guaranteed' set release date.
  • All dates are the original expected date and are subject to change.

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The three Release Stages ...

NOT Released. Red means the item is not released.

 Released. Amber means has been released and our order is on the way to us.

All orders sent out. Green means has been released and we have posted out ALL orders.

We have the last GREEN Status so that you know if you have not received notice your order has been sent you can then Contact Us.

Out Of Stock FTD Products

NOT Released. All 'out of stock' Follow That Dream (FTD) titles are available again only with the next new FTD Release.


NOT Released. 'Summer Vacation Special | Elvis Presley by special request' CD

August 1

 Released. Stage Highlights & Rarities Vol. 1, 2, & 3 CDs


 Released. Flying In Twice

July 29

 Released. Elvis: Behind The Scenes Speedway & Stay Away Joe 400 page Hardcover Book

July 29

 Released. Tickle Me LP from FTD Vinyl

July | August 8

All orders sent out. Bel Air California | The Home Recordings CD (The Bootleg Series)


NOT Released. Elvis: That's The Way It Is | 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition from FTD


NOT Released. Elvis Summer Festival Volume 4 & 5 Hardcover Book Set


NOT Released. That's The Way It Is Blu-ray


NOT Released. Stage Highlights & Rarities Vol. 4, 5, & 6 CDs
NOT Released. Elvis: And I Love You So | Limited Edition DVD set
NOT Released. Elvis: A Whole Lotta Power Going On Deluxe Digipack 2 CD set
NOT Released. October 1976 5 CD Set
NOT Released. Tracks And Grooves Vinyl
NOT Released. There' A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Vinyl LP + CD

June 12 | July 29

All orders sent out. Golden Records The Alternate Album Collection 5 CD Set
All orders sent out. The Alternate Golden Records: Extended Play Collection 5 EPs + Bonus CD

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Pre-order Conditions

We keep you updated about every pre-order title via the 'Release Status' page.

We should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. View. How the 'Release Status' page works ...

Orders will be sent ONLY when the 'Pre-order' is available.

Follow That Dream (FTD) are currently out of stock of this title. It will not be available until the release following the currently announced release.