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Pre-order Conditions

Thank you in advance helping us cut down on repetitive questions.

The pre-order conditions simply put are ...

We keep you updated about every pre-order title via the 'Release Status' page. And we should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. We do this NOT because we don't want to talk with you but to save valuable time that is needed to TCB elsewhere (like packing your order!!)

How the 'Release Status' page works ...

The page is designed so you can see when an item has been both released (note the word 'both') and on the way to us, (for this event we show an 'amber light'), and then finally 'amber' is changed to a 'green light' once all orders have 'left the building'. (The last is so if you see that the title you ordered has a 'green light', and you have not received an email notice your order has been sent you then know you can contact us to check on it). To begin with, all titles have a 'red light' while not released. We don't comment on when we receive a pre-ordered title as the time it takes to send orders out can vary a lot depending on several factors, one being how many orders there are and also how many new titles may have arrived in us around the same time at busy release times of the year.

We take time to pack items properly too!!

Don't forget also that we pack items well so they arrive undamaged you don't want us rushing the packing!!! You want this and not a 'fresh fish special' effort.

News Go to the 'Release Status' Page

Not Released. Red means the item is not released.

Released. Amber means has been released and our order is on the way to usWith date.

Released. Green means has been released and we have posted out ALL orders.

  • If you pre-ordered the item would have had 'pre-order' underneath the 'add to cart' button. It would also show as 'pre-order' under the title on the shopping cart page as well as the final order completion page and on the invoice email to you. (Also 'as well as display the text 'pre-order conditions' with a link to this page.

  • If you order other items with a pre-ordered item we send all together once the pre-ordered item is available.

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