PINK | Elvis On Fire In Toledo 1956 7" gatefold 45rpm EP + CD (Unreleased Live 50s) from MRS

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On Fire In Toledo 1956 from MRS

All Tracks Previously Unreleased

These are available in our very collectable combi 7" gatefold 45rpm EP (Extended Play) vinyl single housed together with a sleeved CD EP single.

This unique packaging, designed and created by MRS, comprises on the inside left panel a CD wallet inserted into a slot and on the right panel a vinyl 45rpm 7" EP single. The 45rpms will be available in both GREEN and PINK vinyl versions.

These are limited editions and are NOT available on mainstream online and stores. A CD single only version is also available.

All tracks available for the first time ever are previously unreleased. Recently discovered interview PLUS 3 LIVE TRACKS from Elvis' appearance in Toledo Ohio on November 22nd, 1956.

Although Elvis' unique performance was very poorly recorded and had distortion and imperfections, our professional engineer's mastering efforts have made vast improvements including correction of pitch speed, reduction of hiss, removal of radio host Ron Ross talking over while Elvis is performing and overall clarity. Though every effort has been made to achieve optimum sound quality, priority is given to its historical content.


On Fire In Toledo 1956

Sports Arena Toledo, OHIO - 22nd November 1956 (2:30pm)

45 RPM Extended Play Vinyl

Side A

01. Radio WOWO Ron Ross Interviews Elvis
02. Heartbreak Hotel

Side B

03. Long Tall Sally
04. Don't Be Cruel (Incomplete)

CD Single EP

01. Radio WOWO Ron Ross Interviews Elvis
02. Introduction
03. Heartbreak Hotel
04. Long Tall Sally
05. Don't Be Cruel (Incomplete)