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This colorized version of 'Love Me Tender' film (That was possibly released in China?) has Chinese subtitles showing at all times and these cannot be removed. The quality is very good (for what it is) however it is still in the resolution from that time and thus is not normal DVD quality. It's watchable but overall not as good as Jailhouse Rock.

Video has been upscaled, improved and enhanced.

About the Colorization

CST Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Color Systems Technology, Inc.) was formed in 1983 to convert black-and-white films and television shows into color; among them, the MGM library for Ted Turner's Turner Entertainment Co. The logo shown at the end of the film is one that was used between 1994-1996.

So this confirms this was officially and professionally made.

How then it came to have Chinese Subtitles is still unknown but perhaps we can atleasy be hapy with the idea that someone in China thought enough of Elvis and this movie to add subtitles!

PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) Love Me Tender Colorized Edition DVD

In this 1957 box-office hit that's Elvis 'Presley s best film' according to Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, the King plays Vince Everett, jailed for manslaughter after a bar fight. There, Vince learns to belt out tunes while 'In the house' and after being paroled, follows a bumpy road to music and movie success. Six Presley songs by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller spike the story, including Treat Me Nice, I Wanna Be Free and the classic shimmy-shakin' title tune that was Presley's favorite of all his films' production numbers.

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