Le Retour d’Elvis & His Hand in Mine 2CD set : RSD 2016 : including the original double LP set + 19 bonus tracks

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For the 45th anniversary of the King's death, 'Le Retour D'elvis' with only alternate tracks
This album has been entirely remastered & proposed on CD vinyl replica.

The double album 'Le retour d'Elvis/His Hand in Mine' released in 2016 had a true concept based on Presley's 1960 return to civilian life. This time the concept is total since, apart from the original albums, we have as bonus tracks not only all the other titles recorded in the 1960 sessions, but also versions of some of these songs recorded at the Pearl Harbor concert, together with recordings made in Germany in preparation for the King's return. As for 'His Hand in Mine,' this title is also completed by four gospels recorded in 1957.


CD1 : Elvis Is Back
1. Make Me Know it (Prises 17-18)
2. Fever (Prise 1)
3. The Girl of My Best Friend (Prise 1)
4. I Will Be Home Again (Prise 4)
5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Prise 1)
6. Thrill of Your Love (Prises 1/2)
7. Soldier Boy (Prise 11)
8. Such A Night (Prise 1)
9. It Feels So Right (Prise 2)
10. Girl Next Door Went A-Walking (Prise 3)
11. Like A Baby (Prise 2)
12. Reconsider Baby (Prise 2)


13. Stuck on You (Prise 1)
14. Fame and Fortune (Prise 8)
15. It's Now or Never (Prise 2)
16. A Mess of Blues (Prise 1)
17. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Prise 2)
18. I Gotta Know (Prise 2 Master)
Live At Pearl Harbor
19. Such A Night
20. Reconsider Baby
21. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
22. It's Now Or Never

Enregistrements Privés, Allemagne Décembre 1958/Janvier 1959

23. Soldier Boy/Such A Night/Soldier Boy
24. Like A Baby
25. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
26. There's No Tomorrow

CD2 : His Hand In Mine

1. His Hand in Mine (Prise 5)
2. I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Prise 5)
3. In My Father's House (Prise 7)
4. Milky White Way (Prises 4/5)
5. Known Only to Him (Prise 5)
6. I Believe in The Man in The Sky (Prise 1)
7. Joshua Fit the Battle (Prises 1/2)
8. Jesus Knows What I Need (Prise 8)
9. Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Prises 2/3)
10. Mansion Over the Hilltop (Prise 1)
11. If We Never Meet Again (Prise 1)
12. Working on The Building (Prise 2)


13. Surrender (Prise 6)
14. Crying in The Chapel (Prise 3)
15. Jesus Knows What I Need (Prise 1)
Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Janvier 1957
16. (There'll Be) Peace in The Valley (For Me) (Prise 4)
17. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (Prise 5)
18. I Believe
19. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Live At Pearl Harbor
20. Swing Down Sweet Chariot

Enregistrements Privés, Allemagne Décembre 1958/Janvier 1959

21. His Hand in Mine
22. He Knows Just What I Need

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