Elvis: Jailhouse Rock Colorized Edition DVD (Elvis Presley)

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This is the colorized version of 'Jailhouse Rock' that was released on VHS video in 1988. This is a new transfer (2023) from VHS Video (Sourced from a new and sealed VHS tape) and has been, upscaled and improved and enhanced. The quality is very good (for what it is) however it is still in the resolution from that time and thus is not normal DVD quality.

This release is significantly better than the previously available DVD version which the main complaint was that it was 'too dark' (This is/was from VHS degradation with used tapes degrading at a MUCH higher rate than new unused tapes).

Region 0 (Free)

Region Free (0) NTSC

This is Elvis Presley at his very best! He plays Vince Everett jailed for manslaughter after a bar fight. This is a damn good movie in its own right. (Originally) shot in black and white with Elvis making a good job of playing the rebel Vince Everett. The Jailhouse Rock sequence is superbly handled and the entire movie smokes.

Along with the famous and quite brilliant title song we also get 'Treat Me Nice', 'Baby, I Don't Care', 'I Want To Be Free', 'Don't Leave Me Now' and the lovely tender 'Young & Beautiful'.

Absolutely love this movie. Love the music and Elvis of course. A very enjoyable film showing Elvis in his raw rock and roll singing and acting days. Nostalgic, interesting and fun.
Really good to watch.