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PAL/NTSC Region 0 (Free) Harum Scarum : Elvis Presley DVD - 'Go East, Young Man', sings show-biz star and martial arts wiz Johnny Tyronne. To hear is to obey. A clandestine group called the Assassins kidnaps Johnny and whisks him to a remote Arabian realm isolated from the world for 2,000 years. Sheik meets desert chic when Elvis Presley plays Johnny and teams with former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley (Presley s Girl Happy co-star) in this tuneful frolic shot on the original 1925 Cecil B. DeMille set from King of Kings and directed by movie musical veteran Gene Nelson.

The kidnappers want Johnny to use his fighting finesse to kill a desert king. Johnny a hitman? No, he s a hit, man, a top singer of songs like Kismet, Harem Holiday and nine more, all part of the jamming, swashbucklin fun of Harum Scarum.