From Memphis To Tokyo | A Reference Guide To The Absolute Mastery Of Elvis' Japanese Vinyl Hardcover Book (Elvis Presley)

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For 36 years, the only reference guide for collectors has been 'Elvis Presley Complete Japanese Record Covers', published in 1987.


We are proud to present to you our updated and upgraded guide to Elvis Presley's Japanese record releases. Over ca. 700 pages, we'll show more than 2,700 full colour pictures of front and back covers, labels, inserts etc. Many entries are accompanied by extensive notes and tables to find all variants at a glance.

For the first time ever, you'll now be able to find out when your record was pressed by looking at the information in the run-out portion of the record. This also allowed us to get more exact release dates of the records and their variants. It's all extensively described in our 'Guide to Dating Records'.

Also described are topics like:

  • differences in label design
  • colour differences on obis and covers
  • stamps on covers and labels
  • record prices
  • company sleeve designs
  • free gifts and special offers
  • Victor and RCA promo records
    and many more
  • 5kg | 11 lbs

From Memphis to Tokyo is a hardcover, almost LP-size book, weighing in at no less than 5 kilos, that will answer almost everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis' Japanese vinyl.

Be amazed by the absolute mastery of Elvis' Japanese vinyl releases.