Elvis - The Rocker Strikes Back | Spliced Takes CD

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Elvis - The Rocker Strikes Back | Sliced Takes CD - MTP Digipack Edition

Factory Pressed CD presented in Digipack limited to 500 copies. MEANT TO BE PLAYED RECORDS really lives up to their name again by creating the 'Final Chapter' in the 'Rocker' series after 27 years!

ROCKER (1984) and RETURN OF THE ROCKER (1986) are now accompanied by a new volume 'ing on Elvis in the seventies.

An amazing tracklist with lots of rare tracks is being edited without pauses and it really 'Rocks!'

Be sure to pre order this release which will, without a doubt, be played!

C C Rider - February 18, 1970 (MS)
Release Me - February 18, 1970 (MS)
Sweet Caroline - February 16, 1970 (DS)
Proud Mary - June 10, 1972 (AS)
Cindy Cindy - Edited Master with Brass Overdubs
Talk About the Good Times - Unedited Master with Vocal Overdubs
Way Down - Unedited Master
Promised Land - Take 1
Johnny B. Goode - March 30, 1972 (Spliced)
Polk Salad Annie - March 31, 1972
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Unedited Overdubbed Master (Rough Mix)
Fools Rush In - Unedited Master
Put Your Hand in the Hand - take 1
T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Original Session Mix
Tiger Man - Jam
Susan When She Tried - Master
Moody Blue - Unedited Master with Brass/Strings Overdubs
Burning Love - Unedited Master with Band Overdubs
For the Heart - Master
Raised On Rock - Rough Mix
Fire Down Below - Instrumental Track