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Elvis : The last 24 Hours : What must it have been like to be on the inside with Elvis Presley? To be part of his Memphis team? To be with him in his final hours? 'Elvis Presley : The Last 24 Hours' is probably the nearest we will ever get. The Last 24 Hours reconstructs the final hours of his life and the events that led to his early death ... the drugs, the girls, the financial meltdown of an Empire and the pivotal role of Colonel Tom Parker. The story is told by those who knew him the best ... . the long-standing friends and confidantes who made up the legendary inner circle known as The Memphis Mafia.

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Reunited for the first time since Elvis died in 1977, the seven members of this group now gather to tell their intimate, revealing and amazing stories: Joe Esposito, Elvis number one aide from 1960 until the time of his death and the man who tried frantically to save the King s life; Presley s hairdresser and spiritual guru Larry Geller who helped prepare the body for internment; Billy Smith, Elvis' cousin and his most trusted friend of all; Lamar Fike, tour manager and the longest serving member of the Memphis Mafia who blames Colonel Parker for Elvis death; bodyguard Sonny West, who here reveals that it was his job to take the bullet; Jerry Schilling, a close family friend who enjoyed a very special relationship with Priscilla Presley and Marty Lacker, Elvis best man and guardian of his cash.

These are the men who were trusted by Elvis to share his innermost thoughts and secrets and who were at his side on that fateful Tuesday in 1977, when arguably the greatest popular icon and entertainer of the 20th century left the stage for the last time.

Elvis : The Last 24 Hours : Elvis Presley DVD

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