Elvis: Rhythm And Country: Essential Elvis Volume 5 CD

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Elvis Presley recorded his studio albums live, leading his band through take after take until he was satisfied with a recording's feel. Producer Felton Jarvis kept the tape rolling throughout these sessions, never knowing when the group would nail its final take. As a result, the Rca vaults are full of Presley studio tapes. Some of these tapes have been released through the Essential series. This disc documents Elvis' two 1973 marathon sessions at Stax Studio in Memphis, during which he produced material for the albums Good Times, Promised Land, and Raised On Rock. Hear Elvis and his band without the added backing vocals, horns, strings, and percussion that often mar Presley's '70s albums. Even better, it includes snippets of Presley singing "Columbus Stockade Blues", "Muleskinner Blues", and "Softly As I Leave You" between takes.

1   I Got A Feeling In My Body (Alternate Take 1) 3:24
2   Loving Arms (Alternate Take 2) 3:01
3   I've Got A Thing About You Baby (Alternate Take 14) 2:30
4   She Wears My Ring (Alternate Take 8) 3:38
5   You Asked Me To (Alternate Take 2) 4:12
6   There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Alternate Take 1) 3:18
7   Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Alternate Take 8) 3:14
8   Find Out What's Happening (Alternate Take 6) 2:51
9   For Ol' Times Sake (Alternate Take 3) 3:40
10   If You Don't Come Back (Alternate Take 3) 3:04
11   Promised Land (Alternate Take 4) 2:58
12   Thinking About You (Alternate Take 4) 3:58
13   Three Corn Patches (Alternate Take 14) 3:12
14   Girl Of Mine (Alternate Take 9) 3:38
15   Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (Alternate Take 4) 3:14
16   Spanish Eyes (Alternate Take 2) 2:33
17   Talk About The Good Times (Alternate Take 3) 3:40
18   If That Isn't Love (Alternate Take 1)