Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Shaped Picture-disc Edition Vinyl LP Record

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From 'Culture Factory' France an exclusive limited-edition Picture-Disc vinyl release limited to 1000 copies, Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Shaped Picture-disc Edition.

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Shaped Picture-disc Edition Vinyl LP Record

62 years ago, the famous film directed by Norman Taurog, 'Blue Hawaii', was released. This film starred Elvis Presley as Chadwick Gates, a former military man who returns to Hawaii to work as a tour guide. The movie explored generational conflicts, Hawaiian traditions, and love, all set against the backdrop of stunning Hawaiian landscapes. The film's soundtrack includes memorable songs like 'Can't Help Falling in Love' and 'Blue Hawaii', which helped popularize Hawaiian music worldwide. This catchy and sunny soundtrack perfectly captures the tropical atmosphere of the film and remains a timeless favorite among Elvis fans and 60s music enthusiasts.

To celebrate this cinematic and musical landmark, here is an exclusive limited-edition Picture-Disc vinyl!


01. Blue Hawaii (Movie Version)
02. Almost Always True (Takes 4 & 5)
03. Aloha Oe (Master the Surfers & Take 6)
04. No More (Take 1)
05. Can't Help Falling in Love (Movie Version)
06. Rock A Hula Baby (Takes 2 & 3)
07. Moonlight Swim (Takes 1 & 2)


01. Ku-U-I-Po (Take 1)
02. Ito Eats (Takes 4 & 5)
03. Slicin' Sand (Takes 13 & 14)
04. Hawaiian Sunset (Take 2)
05. Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version, Take 3)
06. Island of Love (Take 9)
07. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 1)