Elvis Presley 50's (The Bootleg Series) CD (Elvis Presley)

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Elvis One presents a great CD with 33 tracks from the fifties! On Elvis Presley '50s (The Bootleg Series) CD you can hear for the first time on CD the unedited Elvis performances at The Milton Berle Show from April 3, 1956 and The Steve Allen Show from July 1, 1956, including the full introduction of these shows and the complete unedited Comedy Sketch - Range Roundup.

Also five unique Radio Spot Announcements for the movie 'King Creole' taken from the original and very hard to find promo disc from Paramount Pictures.... and there's more to enjoy... Let's go back to the fifties!

01. Jailhouse Rock (movie opening theme / undubbed)
02. Loving You (movie opening theme)
03. Loving You (end title theme)
04. Turtles, Berries, Gumbo / King Creole (movie opening theme)
05. Crawfish (original album version)

'King Creole' Radio Spot Announcements

06. Regular #1*
07. Regular #2*
08. Regular #3*
09. Teenage Spot*
10. Star Dramatic Spot (scenes from Soundtrack)*
11. 'Shelia, I'm gonna play this record for you' (acetate)*
12. Intro / Don't Be Cruel (acetate / original '56 vinyl recording)

Live at 'The Milton Berle Show', April 3, 1956

The USS Hancock, San Diego Naval Station, California

13. Introduction (show opening)
14. Shake, Rattle And Roll (show opening)
15. Heartbreak Hotel
16. Blue Suede Shoes
17. Comedy Sketch / Blue Suede Shoes
18. Milton Berle Speaks (show closure)*

19. Radio Promo for Denver, 04/08/56 1:09
20. Radio Promo for Oakland, 06/03/56 1:47

Live at 'The Steve Allen Show', July 1, 1956
The Hudson Theater, New York

21. Introduction (show opening)*
22. Announcement before commercial break*
23. Dialogue with Steve Allen
24. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
25. Dialogue with Steve Allen
26. Hound Dog
27. Comedy Sketch - Range Roundup**

Promo For Elvis At The Ed Sullivan Show

28. Ed Sullivan Announces Elvis (07/15/56)
29. Next Week Headliners #1 (09/02/56)
30. Next Week Headliners #1 (10/21/56)

1957 March Of Dimes - December 1956

31. Radio Spot (Broadcast on 01/02/57)
32. Open End Interview (Broadcast on 01/02/57)

33. Radio Promo for Pine Bluff, 02/23/55

* Previously unreleased (on CD).
** Unedited / Previously unreleased (on CD).