Elvis: One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971 Softcover Book (Elvis Presley)

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Erik Lorentzen's KJ Consulting will publish five photo folio booklets in October 2021. The Elvis Files team created not just one 150-page softcover booklet but 5 large booklets, sized 25 x 30 cm. Each booklet features approx. 200 photographs on 150 pages.hundreds of unseen photos in superb quality, printed on high-gloss paper.

'One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971': You have never seen such high quality photos before. Elvis Presley walked on stage. A huge cheer arose from the audience. Here was the King of Rock and Roll. Embodied in this man’s life was the complete story of a musical and cultural revolution. The crowd loved it! He actually looked like a King.