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Elvis On Stage By Keith Alverson Hardcover Book (Elvis Presley)


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Elvis On Stage is a hard cover book with full-color Elvis photos, taken by the author when attending Elvis Presley shows. Most of the Elvis photos were taken on tour, because in Las Vegas no cameras were allowed. The book is very well done and contains good shots of Elvis on stage starting from 1973 to 1977.

Elvis On Stage by Keith Alverson - Elvis Presley Book

The concerts include:

July 3, 1973 Atlanta, Georgia (last time when Elvis wore a cape)
June 26, 1974 Louisville, Kentucky
October 5, 1974 Indianapolis, Indiana 2:30 PM
October 6, 1974 Dayton, Ohio
April 25, 1975 Jacksonville, Florida
April 27, 1975 Lakeland, Florida 2:30 PM
April 27, 1975 Lakeland Florida 8:30 PM
April 30, 1975 Atlanta, Georgia
May 1, 1975 Atlanta, Georgia
May 2, 1975 Atlanta, Georgia
May 3, 1975 Monroe, Louisiana
May 30, 1975 Huntsville, Alabama
May 31, 1975 Huntsville, Alabama 2:30 PM
May 31, 1975 Huntsville, Alabama 8:30 PM
July 23, 1975 Asheville, North Carolina
March 20, 1976 Charlotte, North Carolina
June 4, 1976 Atlanta, Georgia
June 5, 1976 Atlanta, Georgia
June 28, 1976 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 29, 1976 Richmond, Virginia
August 31, 1976 Macon, Georgia
September 4, 1976 Lakeland, Florida 2:30 PM
September 4, 1976 Lakeland, Florida 8:30 PM
September 6, 1976 Huntsville, Alabama
December 29, 1976 Birmingham, Alabama
December 30, 1976 Atlanta, Georgia
May 29, 1977 Baltimore, Maryland
June 1, 1977 Macon, Georgia
June 25, 1977 Cincinnati, Ohio
June 26, 1977 Indianapolis, Indiana

So, as you can see 30 different concerts in total. The most interesting photo, to my mind is from December 30, 1976 Atlanta, Georgia. Needless to say that this was a great show, but the photo captures Elvis Presley with a real and not "showmaking" face - he is surprised with something.

Other interesting shot is from March 20, 1976 Charlotte, North Carolina. Elvis stands in his famous pose singing Polk Salad Annie and we can see his black (!!!) tongue. He just took some drug to go through this song and it colored his tongue in black. His face is terrible.

Too bad that only 2 backstage photos are presented. The reason for this is probably that the author is not an official Elvis photographer and he had no chance to get close to his idol. However, this candids are from 1977 (June 1 and June 26) which are rather rare, so thanks for them either.

Anyway, this is a high quality product and is recommended to everybody!

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