Elvis: Kansas City Revisited (8mm-Film) DVD | Elvis Presley June 29, 1974

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The Elvis: Kansas City Revisited DVD contains two performances by Elvis and his exciting group of musicians (Afternoon and Evening show from the same day) at his fabulous early Summer 1974 Tour. Kansas City was the place to go on June 29, 1974, because Elvis was willing to deliver two extremely entertaining shows of high standard – and he did!

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Both shows are perfectly synced with incredible sound! We also have been able to obtain the best possible HD picture quality for our project and so you will be able to not only hear, but also to see the 'real deal'. But that is not even all, since there is even more to 'discover' on the DVD!

Contents: A full documentary about Elvis on tour June 1974

Featuring facts, interviews, news footage and most of all great '8 mm' film-footage from

1. Philadelphia, June 23 1974: Evening Show
2. Kansas City, June 29, 1974: Afternoon Show
3. Kansas City, June 29, 1974: Evening Show
4. 'In retrospect' -- Kansas City, November 15, 1971: 8:30 PM
5. 'The final farewell' -- Kansas City, June 18, 1977: 8:30 PM