Elvis: I'm Counting On Them | Elvis Sings Otis Blackwell & Don Robertson - RSD 2024 LP Vinyl Record Set | Elvis Presley Record Store Day Exclusive

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From 'Culture Factory' France, I'm Counting On Them Black, White & Pink Cloudy Effect Triple Vinyl.

This album brings together two singer-songwriters, both pianists, who made a remarkable contribution to the work and career of the King. While Otis Blackwell excelled in rock 'n' roll, of which he was one of the great craftsmen (providing Elvis with no less than three number 1 hits), Don Robertson, on the other hand, was a master in the art of the ballad (several of his compositions would appear on the B-sides of successful singles). Two exceptional artists who deserve a place in the Music Pantheon!

Limited Edition 1500 Copies



1. Don't Be Cruel (Piste 28, master)
2. Paralyzed (Prise de son montée, master)
3. All Shook Up (Piste 10, master)
4. Make Me Know it (Piste 18)
5. Fever (Piste 1)
6. (Such An) Easy Question (Piste 3)
7. We're Comin' In Loaded (Piste 6, master)
8. Return to Sender (Piste 2, master)
9. One Broken Heart for Sale (Piste 1, movie)
10. Bonus: One Broken Heart for Sale (Demo)


1. I'm Counting on You (Piste 13)
2. There's Always Me (Piste 4)
3. No More (Piste 7)
4. Starting Today (Piste 2)
5. I'm Yours (Piste 5)
6. Anything That's Part of You (Piste 2)
7. I Met Her Today (Piste 16)
8. I'm Falling in Love Tonight (Piste 6)
9. They Remind Me Too Much of You (Piste 4)
10. Bonus: There's Always Me (Demo)