Elvis Presley Coming Home DVD | (A Collection of Late Sixties Songs)

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'Elvis Coming Home' features a mixture with Elvis' songs and videos highlighting the fascinating late-sixties period. Since the first pressing sold out very fast, many Elvis fans missed out on it, so here is your chance to obtain this great release, which now features 5 bonus tracks, the rarest is the 68 medley: During the show NBC used one hand-held camera (ISO cam) to fill in the gaps made during the live control room switch, although the quality is less then we are used to you will get a live experience like never before!

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Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, 68 Medley: Heartbreak Hotel/Hound Dog/All Shook Up (ISO Cam), Edge of Reality, Going Home, Just Call Me Lonesome, Wonderful World, Fools Fall in Love, You Don't Know Me, Clean Up Your Own Backyard, Rubberneckin', A Little Less Conversation, Tomorrow is A Long Time, Singing Tree, I'm Movin' On, Hi-Heel Sneakers, Come What May, All I Needed Was the Rain, Charro!, Almost in Love, Let Us Pray, U.S. Male, Too Much Monkey Business, The New Road Medley: Nothingville/Big Boss Man/It Hurts Me/A Little Less Conversation/Let Yourself Go/Power of My Love,  Stay Away, Change of Habit, Almost.

Short review:

The first clip 'Guitar Man' of course uses mainly Comeback Special footage lip-synced to the original single - but also features extra footage from Aloha, TTWII, the movies Tickle Me, and It Happened At the World's Fair, Stay Away Joe and more! It immediately demonstrates the inventiveness and fun creativity that makes this DVD so watchable.

In 'Clean Up Your Own Backyard' for instance all those annoying shots of the audience have been removed and covered with clever inserts of Elvis taken from elsewhere in the movie. This is professional work!

- 'Fools Fall In Love' is a hilarious compilation of Elvis with his delicious co-stars and his multiple silly on-screen kisses. See if you guess which film is which.

- 'Too Much Monkey Business' is another highlight ,includes clever compilation of all of Elvis' ridiculously silly moments from his sixties movies.

- 'U.S Male' Another sensational compile with the clever editing creating Elvis lip-syncing to the song. There's plenty of groovy slow-motion work & creative editing. Did I say how good Elvis looked in 1968? He's a hot-damn US Male! Lots of close-ups too, girls!

Change of Habit, this clips tells the story of Elvis getting ready to - “Change his Habit' and ready to entertain on stage again, footage from ALL 31 movies are used to make it work!

And while you may think that you have seen all you need of the Comeback Special there is a stunning 11 minute medley of 'Nothingville/Big Boss Man/It Hurts Me/A Little Less Conversation/Let Yourself Go/Power of My Love' with lots of surprises along the way.