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Elvis - Behind The Image The Book - Vol. 1 Hardcover Book


Deleted a LONG time ago this classic book we have 1 copy only.
The book "Elvis - Behind The Image offers the fan more than 400 photos on over 120 pages, whereas most shots are color. A special treat are the private journal entries of Sandi Miller together with her personal photos of Elvis and the interior views of many Elvis-houses in California. Actually Sand Miller was a Elvis fan but she became, like in every fan's dream, a good friend of Elvis. So she was a guest on many private parties, quite a few times at Elvis's home, on the set of Elvis' films and also at RCA Studios. She made at that time precise, private notes in a kind of diary about the many meetings with Elvis and has therefore numerous memories to offer, she has saved in her notes over the years.

Sandi kept a private journal of her numerous encounters with Elvis, and as a result has MANY volumes of her memories, so every detail is as fresh as the day it happened. This adds much more depth than the typical Elvis photo book, and compliments the photos very nicely.

Maybe you know some of the pictures, but the majority has never been published before. In that and in through the unique reports melting with the photos to a wonderful ensemble, is the especialness distinguishing this book from many others which publish often wrong dates or play back an event wrong.

Photos taken from the book "Elvis: Behind The Image" - Volume 1


The book shows Elvis from 1966 and ends 1975, but focuses the end of the 60's. Elvis is shown at the several movie shootings, Clambake, Stay Away Joe, Live A Little Love A Little, Charro, The Trouble With Girls and Change Of Habit and by the candids you can have a look behind the scenes. You see Elvis in extravagant private clothes visiting shows, meeting fans and especially his Hollywood years are dealt with dramatically.


The California-Homes: Perugia Way, Hillcrest, Monovale, Ladera Circle

"Graceland" and "Las Vegas" are recurrent words you bring in connection with Elvis directly but actually the star spend many years in the houses in Beverly Hills or Palm Springs. Ultimately this part of Elvis's life is dealt with detailed and a long existing black hole is erased. Although the main focus of the book is on Elvis, there are unique candids and moments showing Priscilla or both together.

Please also read the section "In the mirror of the press" how the world press nearly overturns with its reports and experience there in the reviews more details.

The Realization

For the producers to follow their aspect of price/preformance ratio at several points they decided for the only reasonable solution: setting on quality. Including first a hard cover format. That doesn't only give you the "right feeling" of really having a real book in your hands, but also protects the pages inside of eventual kinks. Another aspect is the bookbinding itself. To realize what constitutes bookbinding specific expert knowledge is necessary. Because you have to distinguish between the industrial binding and the more premium hand binding. Again the producers set a standard here and decided for the hand binding like it is used for world famous publications like the "World Book Encyclopedia" or the "Encyclopedia Brittanica" and for good reasons: the advantage of this procedure is that you can open the book flat.

With the industrial binding the book would still have a bow because of the production process which remains after a few times of reading and would make the book quickly look well-thumbed.
With the industrial binding the book would still have a bow because of the production process which remains after a few times of reading and would make the book quickly look well-thumbed. To get the best possible printing effect the producers chose a high quality paper, rendering the colors very well and keeping the sharpness of the photos.

For Elvis production it is uncommon to rework the photos but Praytome Publishing considered the time being worth to spend on erasing scratches and restoring faded colors during this "cleaning" process. The layout and design created by Bud Glass is kept in the style of the 60's and color-coordinated to the photos. Every page is joy looking at, reading and exploring. The reasonable compiled photos make a film run in your mind together with the text and that's what makes the book so unique.

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