Elvis At The Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show Tupelo Hardcover Book (Elvis Presley)

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'Elvis At The Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show Tupelo' by 'The Elvis Files' author, Erik Lorentzen the second book in the series.

In September 1956, sixty years ago, Elvis did two shows in downtown Tupelo, diagonally across from the Tupelo Hardware Store, where Gladys bought the first guitar for Elvis. The shows were part of the Mississippi Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. The day started with a small reception in the presence of the mayor, followed by a parade through the center of the city. A donation of $ 10,000 to the government followed later in the day.

As we know well the work of the author, Erik Lorentzen, and in particular the most recent release, this book will be another high-quality photo and information book. And we also know from The Elvis Files series, that being a Collectors Dream!!! Consisting of 8 volumes, each book contains more than 460 pages packed with over 1200 images, many of them never seen before, with interviews and concert reviews.

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'Elvis At The Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show Tupelo' Hardcover Book