Elvis: A Valentine Gift For You Volume I CD (Elvis Presley)

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A Valentine Gift For You - Volume I is a great way to celebrate Valentine's day! Two limited edition cd releases with some of Elvis' best love songs - for Valentine's Day! Including the original masters, alternate takes and home recordings. All tracks on these 2 albums are newly remastered/remixed (no overdubs) with some real surprises. You'll enjoy the 50's and 60's masters with more focus on Elvis' voice! And of course the home recordings which never sounded better... enjoy great versions of 'Her Hand In Mine', 'Earth Angel', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' and a short version of 'Return To Me'. A great gift for yourself or your loved one...

Volume I

A Valentine Gift For You - Volume I.

1. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3:06 / Original spliced master
2. I Need Somebody To Lean On 3:08 / Alternate take 2
3. Young And Beautiful 2:03 / Stereo record master
4. Playing For Keeps 2:53
5. Lover Doll 2:13 / Original EP version
6. Give Me The Right 2:34 / Spliced version with alternate intro
7. It Feels So Right 2:13 / Original master with count-in
8. I Was The One 2:32 / Alternate take 7A spliced with take 2
9. Fever 3:34
10. All That I Am 2:23 / Alternate take 6
11. First In Line 3:24
12. I'm Yours 2:22 / Original Mono album master
13. Fame And Fortune 2:29 / Alternate take 14
14. Can't Help Falling In Love 3:02
15. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 2:32 / Movie vocal overdub take 8

Bonus Track

16. Her Hand In Mine 1:44 / Private home recording