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Receiving both the Follow That Dream CDs, Back In Memphis and 3000 South Paradise Road I would have thought that 'Back In Memphis' would have been first into the CD player but possibly taken by the stunning artwork I decided to play '3000 South Paradise Road' and I found that it not only contains a brilliant performance by Elvis but quality sound to match, which in particular did more than surprise me. This is a unique performance by Elvis with stand out songs, What Now My Love, My Way, An American Trilogy and Fever. The quality of the music having a separation contributing to the overall performance that one normally only associates with stereo recordings. FTD have chosen to present this concert in their 7" size Classic Album packaging and it comes with a fantastic booklet with liner notes that are very well written and well worth reading, and it is nice to see Elvis on stage in a two piece non-jumpsuit outfit, clearly still in his prime.

It is clear how much Elvis valued and wanted to perform What Now My Love this day, August 12, 1972 with his comment about getting serious before starting the song, and he performs in near flawlessly. And of particular interest are Elvis' comments after My Way, where he says 'that's a very good song ... I wouldn't want to associate it with my own personal life ... now the end is near and all that jazz... it's a nice song, it's okay for Sinatra but ... I haven't even ate it up and spit it out yet, still chewing on it ... no it's a good song ... And indeed as indicated above, What Now My Love and My Way : two great performances, and totally unique.

Accompanying the concert CD there is a second CD with rehearsals from the day of the opening concert, August 4, and true to the description given by FTD the sound is substandard, however it is a rare glimpse into Elvis rehearsing at the time and you do not pay any more for the second CD being here, nor for that matter it being presented with booklet in the 7" packaging instead of the standard, basic 5" digi-pack.

So in a word, do I recommend this release : YES!

FTD release of 3000 South Paradise Road a 2 disc 7" 'Classic Album' format with a 16-page booklet. This release takes a closer look at Elvis' engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton with a soundboard recording in August of 1972. The main disc is from the dinner show on August 12, and the second disc is culled from the rehearsals on August 4th, the date of the opening of the engagement. As with '48 Hours To Memphis', this release has been prepared by Robert Frieser and Hans Slebos, who once again has done a fabulous job of collecting information and materials for the project.

'3000 South Paradise Road' provides a unique experience of Elvis rehearsing, 6 hours before the opening night at the Las Vegas Hilton on August 4, 1972. As disc 2 is captured on a personal tape recorder, the sonic quality is below standards, but historical significance more than compensates for its audio limitations.

Released : Back In Memphis and 3000 South Paradise Road FTD CDs
Back In Memphis and 3000 South Paradise Road FTD CDs.

Disc 1 is a soundboard recording.

The Show

Recorded live at The Las Vegas Hilton August 12, 1972. Midnight show.

1) See See Rider 3:00 2) Proud Mary 2:42 3) Until It's Time For You To Go 2:31 4) You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:00 5) You've Lost That Loving Feeling 4:34 6) Polk Salad Annie 4:00 7) What Now My Love 3:19 8) Fever 3:13 9) Love Me 2:14 10) Blue Suede Shoes 1:07 11) One Night 1:31 12) All Shook Up 1:01 13) (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 1:47 14) Heartbreak Hotel 1:44 15) Hound Dog 2:28 16) Love Me Tender 3:01 17) Suspicious Minds 4:38 18) Introductions 1:44 19) My Way 4:14 20) An American Trilogy 4:48 21) Can't Help Falling In Love 2:10

The Rehearsal

Recorded live on a cassette recorder at the Las Vegas Hilton August 4, 1972 rehearsal.

1) You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:08 2) Until It's Time For You To Go 4:19 3) You've Lost That Loving Feeling 4:28 4) Burning Love 4:13 5) What Now My Love (version 1) 3:25 6) What Now My Love (version 2) 4:37 7) My Babe 3:37 8) For The Good Times 3:20 9) True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 3:46 10) Fever 4:54 11) Blueberry Hill 1:46 12) Little Sister : incomplete 2:34 13) I'll Remember You 4:00 14) An American Trilogy 4:40 15) Something 3:57 16) Faded Love 3:58 17) You Gave Me A Mountain 3:36 18) I'm Leavin' 3:33 19) My Way (version 1) 5:38 20) My Way (version 2) 4:42

South Paradise Road : FTD 2 CD Special Edition [7" Classic Album Presentation]

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