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Exclusively to Elvis dealers only, next month MRS will release two very collectable titles both comprising a 7" gatefold 45rpm vinyl EP single housed together with a sleeved CD EP single.

These are expected to be released early March 2024 - However we will probably not import these until the next MRS release in late April due to weight/cost

This unique packaging, designed and created by MRS, comprises on the inside left panel a CD wallet inserted into a slot and on the right panel a vinyl 45rpm 7" EP single. The 45rpms will be available in both black and crystal-clear vinyl.

Since these two titles will NOT be available on mainstream internet sites and stores, these releases are in extremely limited numbers.

These two uniquely designed EPs are, 'Elvis Presley & Frank Sinatra – Welcome Home Elvis' and 'Follow That Dream'.

Elvis Presley & Frank Sinatra – Welcome Home Elvis

Throughout his career, Elvis only performed one live duet with another artist – in this case, Frank Sinatra, another great icon of his time which was recorded on 26 March 1960 in Miami. The show itself, 'The Frank Sinatra Timex Show' was broadcast on 12 May 1960. Taken from a recently discovered original acetate, this historic recording has been carefully remastered and is presented here in the best quality ever.

45RPM Extended Play Vinyl – Remastered Acetate

Side A

1. Fame and Fortune
2. Stuck On You

Side B

1. Introduction
2. Medley - Witchcraft/Love Me Tender
3. Love Me Tender (reprise)

CD Single EP

1. It's Nice to Go Travelling
2. Fame and Fortune
3. Stuck On You
4. Introduction
5. Medley - Witchcraft/Love Me Tender
6. Love Me Tender (reprise)
7. Frank Sinatra and Nancy say farewell to Elvis

For this exceptional compilation MRS will release a CD single only version that will be available to mainstream internet sites and stores.